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The Family War – this book was written by three prominent Canadian estate litigators. It looks very good, we have not read it ourselves yet. There may be important differences between Canadian and US law but the human interactions remain the same. See – GREAT summary of experiences with Guardian Abuse and the dark side of estate mismanagement. Be sure to see their resources and links sections.

Connecticut Elder Law Blog – (Michael J. Keenan, Esq.) – lively, informative, entertaining. Insights and strategies to help you protect loved ones from the dangers criminals and inadequate planning and support present.

This book was recommended… “Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults” by Steven Hassan

See also the listing here provided by TV Fields

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  1. Robert Hayes Says:

    Our experience with an “estate thief” was so similar that he could have actually used this parody as a guide book.

    During the last several years, as my father and stepmother became more and more physically and mentally frail, a third party began to intervene and in his “support” of them convinced them that my brother and I were determined to put them in a “home”, steal all their money, etc. At the time we had no idea that this was going on, and since he had access to them every day, and we lived 400 mile away, my parents eventually became convinced that these lies were true. In 2005, we discovered what had been happening, but it was too late. By this time my father at age 92 suffered from increasing dementia, and my stepmother was becoming increasingly paranoid and agoraphobic.

    Meanwhile, this third party provided sub-standard care in their home provided by people with no expertise in medical care and hygiene, rather than allowing their asserts to be used to provide them the in-home care and nurture they deserved. While my stepmother was in the hospital in April 2006, my father slipped and fell at home while his caretaker was asleep. He died a few days later from the blow received to his head.

    Additionally, of course, the third party did the very thing he accused us of doing, stealing their money. Under the auspices of a sham real estate transaction in the 1990s, under which this third party bought millions of dollars of my family’s real property with no funds of his own, and by co-mingling the estate funds and the proceeds of these properties, which he now “owns”, he undermined the true intent of my parents when they were mentally and physically healthy. In June of 2005, my father suffered from dementia to the extent that he did not even know who I was, yet in October 2005 he and my stepmother, with the help of their long time attorney, who is also an adviser to the third party and who borrowed a substantial amount of money himself from my father, modified the existing trust, which had designated my brother and I as successor trustees, to make my stepmother the successor trustee and this third party the next successor trustee. After my father passed away last year, my stepmother became the trustee. This third party, however, is the de facto trustee, and he continues to use the assets of the estate for his own ends.

    The estate is worth a minimum of $14,000,000, and perhaps a great deal more. Our family has spent almost $300,000, almost all we have, trying to pursue this matter through probate court since October of 2005, but to no avail, due mostly to the bad faith tactics of my stepmother’s attorney, who was clearly working for the third party, not the interests of my stepmother or the estate.

    Apparently the main obstacle to challenging this abuse is the “no contest” provision in the trust, which is still honored under California law.

    I hope from the tenor of your website that you might be able to provide some advice or resources in this matter. Probate attorneys here do not seem to have an answer.

  2. donna Says:

    Please Read –Any and all help is appreciated!!!

  3. Mysty Says:

    I need to talk to some people who are going through similar situations. My sister and her husband convinced my father that my brother and I want to steal his money and put him in a nursing home. My sister and her husband are such evil people. I thought my sister loved me. What a big fat joke!

    My brother and I have been disinherited I am certain. My father has dementia. It is all so sad. I lost my mother less than a year ago. Now my father wants nothing to do with me. My sister and her husband turned against my brother and I. It is almost too much to deal with. I really need a support group of people who have similar stories.

  4. T.V. Fields Says:

    Two outstanding books and their authors are:

    (1) Dr. Diane Armstrong is a nationally recognized expert on contested or involuntary conservatorships and guardianships. Her book, “The Retirement Nightmare: How to Save Yourself from Your Heirs and Protectors” is a painstakingly documented and frightening expose of the spread of involuntary conservatorships (guardianships in some states) wrongly imposed on the elderly.

    (2) Florida police detective Joseph Roubicek is a nationally recognized expert on the exploitation of the elderly who currently works for Florida’s state attorney. His book, “Financial Abuse Of The Elderly; A Detective’s Case Files Of Exploitation Crimes” tries to correct some of the public’s misconceptions about the adequacy of our existing laws, misconceptions which too many other experts in the field propagate and perpetuate.

    I am personally familiar with both authors and their books, which are available from Amazon. I am quite familiar with the problems which these experts address, having personally addressed for nearly two decades the inadequacies of existing laws regarding legal instruments like wills, deeds, trusts and POAs. See, for example, the legal reform which I addressed to delegates to the White House Conference on Aging in 2005 that is reproduced online at

    For additional information, please follow the other links which I provide online at
    * ,
    * ,

    Dr. Armstrong is one of at least three acquaintances who have testified before the Senate Committee on Aging. Two others are Ila Swan and Bee Becker.

    During these past two decades, I have probably communicated about these problems with thousands of individuals.

    There are many facts and questions which need to be aired in public. One that is of special interest to me is “Who would take advantage of a hospitalized cancer patient on the day he died, while he is being administered morphine under a Do Not Resuscitate order that was started as a result of the cancer rupturing his stomach earlier that same day?” The answer to this question is provided by the evidence which is linked above.

    I hope you will join me in advocating the legal reforms which are needed in order for our legal system to deserve the respect to which it wrongly believes it is entitled.

  5. Diane Wilkerson-Gabriel Says:

    WORST THAN MADOFF, 83 year old American Vet of WWII, x police officer and father.I was 74 when they came into my life through my daughter whom lived with me at the time.
    I am 100% mentally disabled through the VA.
    The boyfriend found out I had money. All of a sudden I have given them my POA, and made them beneficiary of my WILL and Living Trust my kids are out. As I recall that was not what I wanted to do. My kids fought for me in court and the thieves they where told to go away by AZ courts.
    They are back to take my life this time. The man the man he is trying to kill me. His daughter took me the hospital ( I can here her say to the nurse) she doesn’t know I can hear her. This is my Dad and he has overdosed he has a DNR. OK she is back to take my life then the rest of my money . She is not my daughter I don’t know her name help me someone.
    She gave them POA she told them to keep the other kids away. they can’t see me.
    I am scared, I am soldier, be strong I can’t remember why I am here. Where are they , my kids.
    The thief replied they have been called and are not coming. ( of course she was lying) She never called them.
    By the time we got back they had QC my house to the female thief. And was trying to put me in a nursing home all the time they where spending my money on honey moons, paying off there bills and just spending money I worked for all my life. My kids are trying to fight them again. But they are out of money of there own to fight. They can not use mine only the thief can. What have I done…….
    THEY ARE BACK……….I died June 29th 2008.
    Someone please help my kids fight these people in my absence. I fought over seas for you can you fight for me here. Please know this could happen to you. More chance of this happening then another MADOFF……..

    contact this sender to help
    EarthLink Revolves Around You.
    foward to anyone who will listen
    please help we have until Aug 10th 2009 to reply.
    We have all doc’s and reports plus minutes of the court and all med records, police reports,copies of will ’s and all changes, living trust contact info for the theives. They did this over 6 year period.
    PLEASE HELP US 720-339-3721 Diane
    They where told by Judge Ellis to stay away. The ring leader has backed off but his drug head daughter is trying to become Trustee. HELP

  6. Pina Says:

    I’m with you all, My sister and her attorney exchanged my father’s documents at the hospital while no one was around signed for it snd said she never did. Her attorney wants me to stop this citation that she wrote the most horrendous stipulation agreement: In order for my children to receive their overdue money I must sign and notarize not to speak to my sister or her, use competer or cell phone or any other electronic devices. I am not to visit 3d Parties like banks haha she’s nuts. I have a feeling that not only did they steal from my father Brother and now mother, I am afraid they have never reported there income to the state. Very sick and it does make us lonely and depressed because they can convince anyone that we are mentally ill.

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