Cellphone Spying

It is surprisingly easy to spy on,  stalk and hack elderly targets and their unsuspecting heirs using inexpensive, commonly available software.  Why leave anything to chance?  Anyone in competitive or contentious situations must understand the dangers of these technologies.  Yes, these are all terribly illegal, but so is defrauding elderly people and destroying their family relationships.

Cellphone Spying – Cellphone Spyware  lets you:  1) Listen to all their telephone calls and voice mail messages;  2) Read all their e-mail, IM and text messages;  3) Track their movements with amazing precision;  4) Listen to their room conversations by turning on their cellphone’s microphone when it is not in use.  Google:  cellphone spyware or cellphone spying and see for yourself.  Watch:

Good Morning America on Cellphone Spying Text Article

Overview of Cellphone Spyware (NBC):

FBI Cellphone Spying (Fox):

Cellphone Spying (NBC 10):

Stalking & Harassing Women:

Any doubts now how dangerous cellphone spyware is? You don’t even need the software shown above!

Caller ID Spoofing For Trick Calls – Famed hacker and author Kevin Mitnick shows  how easy it is to hack most voice mail systems using simple, widely available Caller ID Spoofing.

Caller ID Spoofers allow you to change the caller ID of the telephone you are dialing from so you can pretend to be someone else to get them in trouble. Caller ID Spoofing is offered by a variety of suppliers, many of whom are off shore and out of the jurisdiction of American law enforcement.  

Spy on Computer Activities – Keyloggers, which are also called Parental Control Software, allows you to read EVERYTHING your targets type on their computer keyboard including passwords, account numbers, Google searches,  their private browsing, etc.  Imagine all the fun and havoc you can create with this!

Keyloggers are the same computer programs that parents use to monitor all their children’s online activities.  This software is designed to be undetectable and usually cannot be removed with common antivirus programs.  You’ll know where to find them…

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