Psychological Operations

Sophisticated Psychological Operations (PSYOP or PSYOPS) techniques are used by the military and governments to attain and maintain control and to advance military and political goals and agendas.

Psychological Operations tactics are keys to Stealing an Estate.

Psychological Operations blue brainThey can involve circulating hateful lies and damaging information under “false flag” operations to cast blame on other undesirable parties.

In civilian situations, the science of Psychological Operations involves learning everything you can about a person, assessing their vulnerabilities and then using those weaknesses against them.

  • A prominent politician with a weakness for young ladies will be provided with abundant opportunities in seemingly safe environments. It blows up in his face and ruins his career.
  • A person who is habitually late will experience additional unusual delays at critical times on key projects that can easily be blamed on their own bad habits.
  • Sloppy bill payers will notice bizarre additional missing payments and delays in posting of their payments that hurt their credit ratings, incur late fees and cause utility outages.

Tactics to publicly discredit and disparage targets include:

  • Turning innocent, well-intentioned actions into damning condemnations and examples of misbehavior and moral failure.
  • Restating innocuous comments into outrageous, inflammatory lies that are loudly and emphatically repeated and corroborated by pre positioned groups of psyop operatives. The lies become verified truth and reality.

These actions are always conducted secretly. To deflect attention and blame, operatives try to get their targets to blame themselves for all the dirty deeds they execute covertly.

Their goal is complete psychological domination, intimidation and control of the people or organizations they target.

Psyop agents are rarely happy and many eventually succumb to the psychotic sickness of their work. Their ill begotten gains don’t bring them real joy which drives them deeper into despair.

6 Responses to “Psychological Operations”

  1. Tracy Lyon Says:

    Wow…this list hits it right on the head! (How to steal an Estate)

    This list clearly explains bad people’s tactics in a way that I have never seen before. The same list that I just forwarded to my family ‘pastor’ who has used these very angles on my elder widow mother in his attempt to steal my families 1.5 million dollar Hawaii property.

    The same list I hope to use on my website, that is almost ready to publish, if I can get permission to do so. (Could someone contact me about this?)


    Thank you so very much!

    Far wiser in Hawaii,


  2. Pina Says:

    Look up NPD Narrcissitic Personality Disorder. Wow see who they have become

  3. Pina Says:

    Look up NPD Narcicisstic Personalty Disorder. See how and why your Estate stealer has become this way very interesting

  4. cindy Says:

    There certainly are some ”sick-o’s” out there. They are ”out there.”
    THEY ARE REALLY SOCIOPATHS- AND NEED TO GO TO JAIL.It seems that these days the laws protect the criminals.
    Someone can pose as a ‘friend’, go to an old person’s house everyday,taking goods to the person, AT FIRST. They can do errands for the person, and be a ” pal” to the person. They can do the errands the person needs to have done for them, then use the person’s bank card. They can give a card to their son, daughter, or sibling, charge things on the card and the person will have no clue because the person trusts them. then the old person’s family finds out and realizes the old person is being robbed, taken to the cleaners and manipulated. what do they do?

  5. Ginet Gordon Says:

    In a very nasty case with executors and other beneficiaries and the attorney who do not want me to have anyting the deceased left me by harassing me and making threats, such as throwing me in jail for not giving them the will 30 days after the death of my boyfriend.

  6. wilson Says:

    Have you any information on the STOCHOLM SYNDROME?
    Elderly people can be influenced by this tactic as well.

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