Hendershot Response

Neil E. Hendershot, Esq., author of the PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary flamed us a bit in a recent posting. He feels we should remove this blog because it might help criminals perpetrate these crimes. He doesn’t get it.

Criminals are already using these techniques and the law is not protecting the people being hurt, abused and defrauded.

We agree it is tasteless, but what was done to us was far worse than tasteless.

Obviously Mr. Hendershot has not been deprived of a relationship with a dearly loved parent during the last years of their lives because some one wanted their money and their possessions. Here is our response to him:

Dear Mr. Hendershot,

Many thanks for your comments about our Steal an Estate site. We agree with many of your concerns. Please understand that we had serious misgivings about mounting the site as we did. Remember, we are victims of this crime.

When the specific strategies and tactics that criminals use to exert undue influence are clearly described, documented and become widely known and accepted, they will strengthen our legal protection against these crimes. This is our goal.

As you know, proving undue influence can be extraordinarily difficult in many states. We hope StealanEstate.com will help the public understand exactly how easily this fraud can be perpetrated.

We had absolutely no knowledge, interest, background or training in this sort of manipulation until it was used against us. We simply observed what happened and reported our experiences. We are not trying to profit from it in any way.

If you knew more about the details and history of our case you would probably feel very differently. There was a huge imbalance in power, access, influence and training in these tactics between us and the perpetrators of these crimes.

In the 1960’s the New Yorker Magazine printed an article describing how to make a crude atomic bomb with a tennis ball can, a stick of dynamite and the right nuclear materials. Fortunately this did not spark a series of these crimes.

Organized crime is using these tactics right now to defraud loving, loyal, respectable, responsible people.

Separating elderly people from their loved ones to allow criminals and con artists to steal their assets, their estates and possessions is one of the worst forms of elder abuse.  These criminals are ruthless and cruel.

Knowing the distinguishing characteristics of these crimes will help stop them.

Many thanks for your comments. Please feel free to email us at info@StealanEstate.com

5 Responses to “Hendershot Response”

  1. Ray Says:

    e mail me please.

  2. Eric C. Baxter Says:

    The object here, of course, is to illustrate how financial crimes against the elderly can be perpetrated with effortless impunity.

    You are merely pointing out landmarks along a time-worn path which unethical attorneys and other crooks know like the backs of their hands. It’s not as if you are charging money for the tour.

    Touched a nerve, Mr. Hendershot, Esq.?

  3. Eric C. Baxter Says:

    P.S. By all means do publish my email address. It is: ecbaxter@bellsouth.net

    Moreover, my name is Eric Clayton Baxter. I reside at 2613 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 70117.

  4. Latifa Ring Says:

    Must have touched a nerve. People need to be informed of what awaits them in their not so golden years thanks to the attorneys and other perps who are waiting for them to get old with baited breath.

  5. shariles Says:

    Agree with Mr. Baxter-I’ve been places I never knew existed with the ‘officers of the court’ and it was only after the treacherous year after my husband’s suspicious death that I was able to put 2+2 together and realize that my husband had been targeted by several factions due to his health problems and our mostly paid off assets.

    KNOW that this does happen, in fact according to ten lawyers in two states, the IRS, the FBI, bank managers, morticians it ‘happens every day in every way’.

    This site has a name which I, too, came up with after the travails the rest of my husband’s family-myself and his stepson-have suffered for the past four years and I’ve been wanting to create myself. As NOTHING has been or will be done about radical thefts, plenty of felonies-plenty of FEDERAL felonies according to the FBI. Forging joint IRS refund checks? “happens everyday” according to the IRS. Emptying out a bank account using a dead man’s ATM of jointly owned 401k funds?”,”it’s a felony!” says the honest bank manager (not the one of Union Bank CA who allowed the felonious theft) “it’s a FEDERAL FELONY” according to the FBI… theft of guns? ” it’s a crime” says the two lawyers on this case of mine in two states. “It’s a FEDERAL CRIME” says the FBI… theft of fully insured truck? “It’s a crime” says the lawyers! “It’s a CIVIL MATTER” says the Riverside Sheriff’s department.

    Fraudulent Notaries? that’s a crime! Fraudulent concealment to steal a note payment? Grand theft of four other vehicles and a cargo container full of our property? Fraudulent representation to the hospital lying to me, my husband’s WIFE, the entire last week of his life? Giving his BODY away under fraudulent methods? Depriving his wife and child of his last week of life under fraudulent conditions?

    Yep there are plenty who know of how it goes-it does happen everyday… as do lawyers who prey on the sick with dysfunctional families-as do hospitals that prey on the sick with dysfunctional families.

    Ten lawyers in two states all telling me how ‘corrupt the probate courts are’ then wanting $10,000 retainers so I can ‘fight to get back my own stolen property?” WHUT???

    I will never look at anyone who has access to my personal business again without seeing a predator… insurance agents, notaries, title/escrow employees, bank managers, hospital admin, the list just goes on and on… accountants, lawyers with interest in your business.

    Four years I’ve been battling the predators off of my sick husband, two years after his fraudulent death in the hospital, four years of watching a sick man be used, played and me along for the very very expensive and heart wrenching ride.

    Doesn’t matter what the physical or financial abuse of him, us, the other disabled members on SSI in his predatory family. Doesn’t matter how they’ve gotten me almost bled dry-picked to the bone clean from lawyer bills, investigative charges and all the thousands of hours of my time I’ve spent dealing with some of the most psychopathic characters imaginable-the wheels of the bus still go round and round. Spinning no where.

    I’ve heard hundreds HUNDREDS of stories like mine, some worse since I entered the Age of Enlightenment… seeing that the ones who profit most are those ‘officers of the court’… insurance companies who just have to lie and they’re off the hook even if it is your fully insured vehicle which is stolen. Law enforcement has bent over backwards enabling the thieves. Insurance companies have bent over backwards enabling the abusers of the disabled, widowed and orphaned.

    When that actor did his death bed divorce procedures-Dennis Hopper-due to what I perceived as his greedy exes and their children against his wife and child it was a deja vu to my own case. When the Quaids came out and shined the light on what they’ve been through involving ‘estate planners’ bankers, and law enforcement-officers of the court… I said ‘hurrah’ the light is shining on one of America’s dirtiest little secrets.

    Beware boomer generation! Do not ever sign a DNR…be damn careful of who you name as POA-not that it matters fraud with that happens all the time too-when you deal with Notary frauds and forgers they don’t let a little thing like documentation slow them down.

    If you are a person with paid off property-know that there is at least one set in your own family who’s already in the planning stages in case you get sick or die-whether you’ve got a spouse or not. Whether you’ve got your ‘documentation duckies all in a row’ as this IS the easiest and most surely risk free ROBBERY OF GREAT SUMS that could exist.

    One case I heard of was about a 45 year old single woman with a paid off house, savings, investments who loved to play golf all over the world. She came back from a trip-neighbor found her immediately unconscious and it was only a few days before her only heirs to her estate-her father and brother-made the call to the doctor that ‘she wouldn’t want to live like that’ and boom she was off that vent and dead without anyone ever finding out what happened to her.

    Death by doctor can occur anytime they want it to. That’s why I stress -do not have a DNR. If it is a case where everyone interested profits from it-your death will be just a short blurb until all the predatory ones are satisfied they’ve received what they can receive.

    Law enforcement is always the first call on criminal actions. When their robotic response-regardless of what crime you’re reporting is “It’s a CIVIL matter’ whose horn do you think they are blowing? You need those reports for anything to go anywhere.

    And the lawyers will just want to sue sue sue with YOUR

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