Deliberately Tasteless, YES!

This site is deliberately tasteless and horrifying. It is meant to shock you into action and attention.

Remember, all the tactics we describe here were used against us.

The only way we know about them is through our own direct, personal observations, pain and experience.

We had no prior knowledge or interest in deceit, fraud, psychological manipulation or undue influence.

One of the people who perpetrated these crimes against us was a former senior Army officer who was trained extensively in deceit, deception, psychological operations and manipulative techniques.

Another is a New York Park Avenue maritime attorney neighbor of our parents who regularly negotiates multi million dollar deals.

To those who suggest we hide the horror of these crimes, we ask you to please re read our posting and ask yourself,

“How would I feel if all this happened to me?”

How would I respond?  What would I do to help others escape the losses, pain and heartache these vicious, ruthless criminals inflicted on our family?

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13 Responses to “Deliberately Tasteless, YES!”

  1. Dorna Says:

    I appreciate the pain that you must be feeling, I do. I investigate this kind of exploitation on seniors on a daily basis, but I do not believe this is the way to get your story out. If you think that giving criminally minded people a blue-print to do this to some other family is the correct thing to do then perhaps your insight has been negatively affected by your grief and pain. I’m sorry for your experiences, but shame on you for providing future criminals with the arsenal to carry on this terrible crime!

  2. R. D. Estes Says:

    You are getting a lot of negative feedback from lawyers around the country. The naysayers must be young and inexperienced. Everything you say is within the realm of reality, although negative. You leave out the second, third marriage scenarios which are also worth exploring. Show up at the visitation of the spouse of an eligible widow(er) that you don’t know and whose family you never knew. Check ’em out. Get an introduction. Follow up in the next 30 days and maybe you can reel ’em in. Diabetic widowers are preferred because you can always claim that they died of natural causes when you didn’t feed them.

  3. Ray Says:

    PLease do not hide the horror, share it , your pain is my pain.
    We are wiser and parentless for it, and they are richer, but wait , it ain’t over till its over.

  4. susan Says:

    Your information on undue influence needs some clarification. I have read if a person is the main caregiver, and the testator was dependent on them on a regular basis for healthcare , meals etc. then this would easily constitute a potentail position of undue influence. If the will is drawn up when he has had an accident is in hospital and is under medication and she arranges for and is present in the drafting of the will and is the major beneficiary. If you add that she keeps the adult children from visiting, never allows him to have a private telephone conversation with his children then she is really setting up the opportunity for the big scam. If you add that the second wife gets an enduring power of attorney on the day the frail husband is released from hospital and then proceeds to open up a joint investment account and signs all of his stocks into this account then I would agree that she is in a position of undue influence. In his will he leaves her all the residue of his estate, all bank accounts are in joint names , she receives 250-300,000 in bank accounts GIC s etc the only exception are his stocks which are to be set into a testementary trust. The will says all stocks in my name at the time of my death shall be kept invested by my son the trustee . However adult children have no recourse since she has been married to him for 26 years and had a “perfect marriage”. We needed a really aggressive lawyer , which we did not have , he made money no matter what he did and we were lucky we received about a third of the stock assets. We would have been much happier if we had recieved 50% but she had a brother who was a sharp operator and had lots of experience in the way to make money off of other people. Brother had been convicted of fraud and forgery many years before in a goverment sting operation . He became her representative as she was declared incompetant. she was now under his influence. We were really naive of the legal system and how lawyers just keep taking in their hourly rate and no court date ever gets set and then they keep receiving the income coming in off the stocks , even though the judge said the stocks were to be frozen . This meant they or brother could litigate forever , a point that really didn’t bother the lawyers. When we did get a settlement and then the stocks went sky high brother didnt want to keep to the agreement, that really cost us and we went to court to have the judge order it. Well we were happy about that to get it over with. The judge missed a few points , he probably had no understanding of stocks and taxes etc. Then our lawyer wants to appeal some of the details as we didn’t get all we agreed to. We had a few moments of mental lapse and agreed to appeal ,even thogh we were happy to have it over and done with . It did not take us too long to realize we could be back in court again to have this whole thing reheard , again a sitution of our lawyer stretching us out and the money flowing in his direction . We cancelled all further proceedings. This took three years and cost about 100,000 in legal fees. We thought we were going to court, our lawyer said we had a good case. He did not tell us that estatelitigation has nothing to do with legalities , settlement is the way and that it is all about power , they had the income from the stocks as our lawyer never pressed this point even thoughwe were adament about this. They had income to pursue this until eternity. We had to settle for what they would give us which was 33% we really wanted to go to court; he kept us out of court by delaying and having more settlement hearings.

  5. Shanti Says:

    I considered it a gift when my attorney informed me of this website. My disgruntled brother and his ex-wife were scheming for years to steal any estate money that may come from our Grandmother. They did EXACTLY what is written in “Step 2”. It was a huge relief and a wonderful validation for the real victims to see it in writing. The end result was that my grandmother DID infact end up leaving my brother and his exwife money  . . .  and she aslo DID infact end up disinheriting us others. However, the joke is on them because they only received a small amount and they sold their soul to the devil for nothing.  They wasted 10 years of their life wrapped up in lies and their own evil misery and all they have to show for it is alcoholism.  ; )

  6. A Greiving Family Member... Says:

    This same thing is happening to my family right now. This guy (not a member of the family) got everything through a fradulent will, we found out what was in the real will. We are all heartbroken, but at least she knew we loved her and this bastard’s carma will come back hard on him for what he has done to many people. In other words we are not the first. Unfortunately. he’s sold everything within a month of he death and has it liquidated into a foreign account of some sort. His greed and hate will kill him and he will rot in hell for what he has done to everyone involved.

  7. Kaye Says:

    Anybody that is opposed to this site has not suffered through this type of crime. The criminals already know the ropes, but the innocent victim’s don’t until, it’s too late!

  8. Latifa Ring Says:

    This is the Truth. The truth hurts only those who know it and are part of it.
    I have been through the worst personal destruction for reaching out as a good samaritan to help someone in need to took me in and cared for me as a child. In my case it ended with them not only stealing the estate but in the end stealing from me when the elder law attorney sued me even though I was finally the guardian and not responsible for the debt. I and my innocent loved ones will never recover from the damage done by greedy, deceitful citizens who commit these attrocities under the color of the law.
    One day we will all be old and anyone or maybe everyone of us will become a victim. I will continue to speak out as I hope other victims will so that my children will not suffer the great harm perpetrated against the innocent. I protected my foster mother and was severly punished by the justice system for doing so. Shame on the people in out justice system that allow such a terrible crime against humanity to perpetuate.

  9. Bianca Dick Says:

    Pretty nice entry, really beneficial information. Never ever considered I would discover the facts I would like in this article. I’ve been looking throughout the web for some time now and was starting to get irritated. Fortunately, I came onto your page and received precisely what I was browsing for.

  10. Eileen Says:

    My entire family was devastated by a man who claimed to be my aunts “dearest friend and caregiver”, my aunt was 79 and he was 49 and a neighbor. My aunt died in the hospital of cancer with her “dearest friend and caregiver” absent! In fact, as soon as she was no longer able to speak, he took off to “handle all his deeds”!!! He was ever present as her “Power of Attorney” while my aunt was still lucid and took the telephone out of her room and wouldn’t allow visits from family/friends, if we did get in and visit he was always there to supervise. My mother stayed with her for the remainder of the time and was wondering what had happened to her dear friend!!! We were totally shocked when 2 days after the funeral we were told to get the (#@*$*!) out of my aunt’s house and that it was his now and that she had left him her entire estate. We later saw the actual will and there were several red flags that told us by several experts that it was indeed one of the most fraudulent wills they had ever seen and that we should contest it. Within week,s her two houses were up for sale, her car and all the contents of my mother and other aunt’s childhood home were up for auction and we could see all the contents on-line. We were told if we tried to come to the auction we would be arrested.

    We basically ran out of funds for an attorney and couldn’t pay anymore and dropped the caveat, thinking that he had planned this so well that most of this was done well before she died. She died at the end of Aug. 08 and everything was gone by early November 08.

    With this said, “he” evidently is buying a lot of property and has purchased a brand new Mercedes!!!! This guy is a total narcissist and has had all his teeth capped, hair implants facelifts as well as botox treatments several times a year. We are barely making ends meet and are having a hard time financially. My aunt was worth about a million dollars according to what was sold at the estate, along with the two properties. He even sold the family bibles with all our family history and my grandmother’s angel collection which all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren had given her, my mother really wanted the angels, he put them on the auction block just the same. We had no idea this was taking place until it was too late. He is a dark entity and I have never witnessed such evil. Fortunately… there is Karma. We should have seen the signs, but we just thought he was a little over the top and flamboyant and never thought he’d betray my aunt’s trust and only family this way. We loved her very much and miss her like crazy and we did not have any idea of what was happening until it was too late. We know the truth now and if this post serves no other purpose other than to tell our story and to save another victim from a pure evil entity as this man. Thank you for reading.

  11. lindy Says:

    This is like my family who gamble on the Indian Reservation, and it applies to people anywhere who use casinoes; in one night can loose a family’s entire fortune, millions or mulimillion s, and even billions! It is a disease, and the victim has a recourse….deliberately tasteless, so beware!

    What goes around comes around, and the crooks might find their evil backfires, and they can loose everything they stole, too! It always happens with cons, and unless they realize it and change their ways, they will someday either land in jail, or rott of some disease, or be the object of,revenge! It makes the newspaper headlines daily, that a crook has been targeted and wasted! Good men breathe better, and know that evil peoples get nothing but punishment!

    That is why their is a 12 step program available for anyone regardless of race, creed, sex,or color in the USA! Times are both prosperous and depressive, but crime never pays ! It is God’s universe, and He insures it!

  12. bambi Says:

    My bother in law and sister were living with my dad for three yrs. He pass away 6months aGo! Doing inventory of my parents stuff and nothig is left and what was of any vaule its gone and tHey broke a lot of items of my moms that was in storaGe! Also my grandparents stuff is gone that my dad got he his father pass and I even had a friepace in storage and its gone! ASlo they closed out my parents bank accounts two months after my dad pass! It went t probate for 4 months! Help me! What can be done about this! I have a lawyer but can you really trust them!!!

  13. susan again older and wiser and more experiednce Says:

    DRead “Johnson and Johnson” this case describes it all. Do not be hesitant to hire a lawyer. Pay for the best lawyer with experience in estates and investments and taxes. Do not be afraid to change lawyers. Go with your instincts.

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