Crime Continues

People with training in these deceptive, manipulative tactics are using them to abuse the elderly and defraud their heirs right now.

We liken it to internet phishing – once the public becomes aware of it, they will be able to guard against it. Until these crimes are well known and well publicized we are all vulnerable to these fraudulent tactics.

No one just read about internet phishing and decided to go out and do it. A great deal of training and skill is necessary to perpetrate internet phishing. This type of Estate Fraud is a similar sort of crime.

Knowing specifically what to look for helps prove it. Right now undue influence can be hard to pursue in many states.

Greedy, ruthless people who know how the legal systems work are committing these crimes right now.

Like internet phishing, the information we have provided is not sufficient or extensive enough to teach some one with out training in these tactics and a strong criminal bend to suddenly decide to commit estate defraud.

What we have posted here is not enough to turn an average person into a ruthless, skilled criminal.

3 Responses to “Crime Continues”

  1. Kaye Says:

    You are very smart! People and there families don’t know what’s happening until, it’s too late or the perpetrator has completely turned their victim against their very own family with his lies. Ofter times, it done by talking to the victime non-stop!

    This is one of the worst fraud crimes there is because, it just keeps going on and on and can last for decades without the victims being able to do anything about it!

    You’re to be commended for bringing this out! Don’t stop now!!

  2. Kaye Says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall to see the shock on the face’s of some of these perpetrators looking over your site!

    This hits the nail right on the head, esposing their dirty tricks.

  3. Marty Says:

    My suggestion is to protect yourself and your loved ones. When the criminal activity starts, there is NO STOPPING IT!!! NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!! NO PROSECUTORS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!! THIS INCLUDES THE FBI, MOST GOVERNORS AND MOST POLICE AGENCIES!!! Forget spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight this type of abuse, it is impossible to stop legally. It is the most sad destruction of families outside of murder. My particular case involved murder, group sex between two of my sisters and the probate judge and a crooked attorney, fraud, and the complete stripping of my parent’s estate that was left to me, and yet I received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT HUGE ATTORNEY FEES!!!

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