Other Symptoms

If the estate is large and organized crime is involved, the perpetrators will try to discredit the rightful heirs, disrupt and destroy their lives to keep them from fighting back effectively.

In our case these activities spanned between New York and a large southern state.

In addition to destroying your relationship with you loved one, expect a whole range of dirty tricks disguised as bad breaks which may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Unauthorized intrusions into your home and business, theft and sabotage of business equipment, vehicles and files.
  • Staining or slashing of clothing and favorite personal items.
  • Telephone and email monitoring, hacking and disruptions.
  • Poisoning key business and personal relationships.
  • Isolating you from people who can help and support you.
  • Computer and business equipment sabotage and destruction.
  • Theft of key physical and data files.
  • Threats and intimidation.
  • Tracking your vehicle movements and organized stalking.

You may find law enforcement agencies are surprisingly non-responsive due to the covert and seemingly benign nature of these crimes. Criminal elements have infiltrated some private contractors that supply law enforcement technology and information systems. The perpetrators have friends within the law enforcement community, they know their and know how they work.

In our case, the level of attention and harassment was way out of proportion to the size of the estate. We believe we were being used as some sort of test or training target for new organized crime recruits.

The perfect crime leaves no evidence a crime has ever been committed. This is their specialty.

One Response to “Other Symptoms”

  1. Kaye Says:

    There is always a paper trail of some sort that can provide you the proof you need, but it’s up to you to find the needle in the haystack, so to speak! These perpetrators are masters at deliberately making a mass confusion out of everything, and designed so that you won’t know where to start. They know they have the law on their side because, it almost virtually impossible for you to try to explain what they’ve done to you when your not even sure how they pulled it off yourself. All you know for sure is that they robbed you blind and live a lifestyle that they would have never had while at the same time residing in your family home. Law enforcement doesn’t have the time, funding or the knowledge to do the job and the only thing that you may get out of trying to converse with them is headache, knowing you must sound like a babbling idiot! So, unless you have an unlimited amount of money to hire someone who has this kind of expertise and knowledge to do the job, you’re screwed!

    Although, I could never convince myself that these people weren’t smart enough to cover all of their tracks and I also, knew that some things could never be undone by them, like documents recorded at the county recorders, licenses, specific forms used, etc.! If nothing else, I wanted to use these crooks as an example!

    Think of it this way, sometimes (like with my case) you need to go backwards first before you can go forward to be able to put it all together. I know it sound strange, but my case involved real estate transactions. It’s like a ball of twine, once you find the end in the middle you can finally begin to untangle the twine and then it begins to unravel and all the pieces begin to fit, piece by piece. It’s tedious, boring and mind boggling, but is quiet rewarding once you’re done and then you can begin to move forward to take back what was stolen from you.

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