What do you do if this is happening to you?   Search for an attorney who specializes in:


They have the skill set, expertise and experience to help you.

Look for someone who is aggressive and who has a good track record of success.  They should also have good relationships with the court where your case will be adjudicated.  They may want a substantial retainer to explore your case and they may be willing to take it on contingency if it looks promising

Attorneys and firms specializing in probate, wills or trust do not always have the expertise, experience or the aggressive, combative mentality that’s required to pursue estate fraud cases effectively.

Your friendly neighborhood will and trust attorneys rely on congenial relationships, extensive good will and referrals for their business. They don’t want to make waves or rock the boat.

Estate litigation attorneys make their living defending or pursuing estate disputes.  It’s a very different skill set, professional orientation and approach.

8 Responses to “GETTING HELP!!!”

  1. Baine Martin Says:

    Probate litigator wanted.

  2. Tracy Lyon Says:

    This is one fantastic website!! I am forever grateful!

  3. Diane Wilkerson-Gabriel Says:

    WORST THAN MADOFF, 83 year old American Vet of WWII, x police officer and father.I was 74 when they came into my life through my daughter whom lived with me at the time.
    I am 100% mentally disabled through the VA.
    The boyfriend found out I had money. All of a sudden I have given them my POA, and made them beneficiary of my WILL and Living Trust my kids are out. As I recall that was not what I wanted to do. My kids fought for me in court and the thieves they where told to go away by AZ courts.
    They are back to take my life this time. The man the man he is trying to kill me. His daughter took me the hospital ( I can here her say to the nurse) she doesn’t know I can hear her. This is my Dad and he has overdosed he has a DNR. OK she is back to take my life then the rest of my money . She is not my daughter I don’t know her name help me someone.
    She gave them POA she told them to keep the other kids away. they can’t see me.
    I am scared, I am soldier, be strong I can’t remember why I am here. Where are they , my kids.
    The thief replied they have been called and are not coming. ( of course she was lying) She never called them.
    By the time we got back they had QC my house to the female thief. And was trying to put me in a nursing home all the time they where spending my money on honey moons, paying off there bills and just spending money I worked for all my life. My kids are trying to fight them again. But they are out of money of there own to fight. They can not use mine only the thief can. What have I done…….
    THEY ARE BACK……….I died June 29th 2008.
    Someone please help my kids fight these people in my absence. I fought over seas for you can you fight for me here. Please know this could happen to you. More chance of this happening then another MADOFF……..

    contact this sender to help
    EarthLink Revolves Around You.
    foward to anyone who will listen
    please help we have until Aug 10th 2009 to reply.
    We have all doc’s and reports plus minutes of the court and all med records, police reports,copies of will ‘s and all changes, living trust contact info for the theives. They did this over 6 year period.
    PLEASE HELP US 720-339-3721 Diane

  4. Latifa Ring Says:

    Many of the abuses in cases reported recently have involved lawyers who are supposedly experts in the field. Perhaps that has changed or new people have entered the elder law field who are experts at stealing estates.

  5. Marty Stamler Says:

    Well, I got litigation help, spent $150,000.00 on attorney fees, and for my trouble, the offending family members, and a crooked probate judge, and his buddy a very crooked attorney made 8 attempts to kill me. They stopped my mother’s meds when they made changes to her will and trust (that were never to be changed except by my mother) and she died. I lost the entire farm in Michigan (a very communist state indeed), property in Alabama, all of my posessions I had brought there with the intention of moving there to care for my mother, all cows killed by them, all bank accounts taken by them, even ones in my name only, and they fabricated a child support case against me, and a protective order against me (a Maryland resident) from a sister (an Alabama resident). Protective orders are civil, and a Michigan judge is not able, legally, to do that between two out of state residents.

  6. L. Ring Says:

    In hundreds of cases that we have reviewed the bulk of the estate goes to the attorneys.

  7. liam noon Says:


  8. Says:

    Anyone fancy taking on a banks wealth management team, a national christian charity and a bunch of good ole boys who stole a $30 million dollar estate that had been left to disadvantaged children?

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