About The Author

Steal An Estate grew from my own personal experience with unconscionable elder abuse and fraud in my parents’ estates.

Everything I experienced was echoed and affirmed by so many other people it rapidly became clear that a manual for estate fraud is circulating and being used in criminal circles.

It’s important that the public knows what is happening and understands how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

My parents were both physicians.  They both knew they were caught up in criminal activities but they were too proud, too fearful and too dependent on the perpetrators of the fraud to speak out about what was happening to them.  They couldn’t admit they were powerless.

I sincerely hope Steal And Estate will help you protect your family from the heartbreaks of elder abuse and estate fraud.

To those who ask for help, I really wish I could offer more assistance and wisdom.  The best of my understanding is posted here.  I am consumed with fighting my own battles.  My best advice is to…

Stay verbal, visible and let the world know what is happening to our elderly loved ones, their estates and their families.

When you have to fight, try to find ways to enjoy the fight.

Good Luck!

Very best wishes,

Michele Moore
HappinessHabit.com / ReportingWrongdoing.com

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    Excellent. I agree.

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