Protection – Defense

It is very hard to protect an inheritance from determined, well placed criminals who are trained in these tactics. They know the law and your elderly loved one believes everything they are telling them.

If the estate is large and organized crime is involved, recognize their reach is far and deep.

Here are steps you can take:

  • Keep all key documents in a safe deposit box or store copies of them secretly. (We had important estate files stolen from our offices despite a sophisticated security system.)

  • Spend lots of wonderful, high quality time with your loved ones, take nothing for granted. Be the perfect child or relative they want. Always be kind and gracious.  Your time together is limited.
  • Encourage them to talk about their estate plans, involve yourself in their process as appropriate. Keep copies of everything in a safe place.
  • Be wary of anyone who has regular access to them who might secretly intend to exert undue influence or profit from their infirmities.
  • Use misunderstandings as reasons to visit them. Wrap rifts in love, heal them. Resolve difficulties in your relationship quickly.

Your major loss will be your relationship with your loved ones. This, we know from experience, is devastating.

The most important is: Be a genuinely kind, caring, compassionate, responsible, respectful person.

There is no substitute for genuine goodness, it cannot be faked.

Your character will be questioned if there is any litigation about the estate. Live by only the highest and best values, be truly loving and deserving. Prepare yourself to fight aggressively.

Separating the elderly from their loved ones to allow criminals and con artists to steal their assets and possessions is a hideous type of elder psychological abuse.

The criminals care only about your loved ones money and their assets.  These sick sociopaths will do anything they can to assure complete control and hasten your loved ones demise.

10 Responses to “Protection – Defense”

  1. Ray Says:

    Thank You , I wished I would have seen this three (3) years ago, perhaps my father would still be alive and my mother would be enjoing out company instead of fighing for her life in a wheelchair everyday.

    These people that do this over money are really sick, how naive we all were, good thingd we live in a nation of laws that protects these heartless creeps.

  2. Ed Morrow Says:

    Funding a living trust with a local bank trust department as co-trustee is a very good defense against such predators. Especially when children or other loved ones are out of town. A good trust administrator with a local bank sees right through such ploys and has seen it all before. Scam artists would have a much more difficult time if there were a bank trust department involved.

  3. Mysty Says:

    I am glad to have found this website.

    My story is over the top unreal.

    My mom died about 8 months ago. My father being 86 years old deeply missed his wife of 50 years.

    Long story short, my brother and I were both served with restraining orders to stay away from my father. He is convinced that we want to steal his money and put him in a nursing home.

    My sister and her “bum” husband are the only people my father now trusts.

    My sister has put phone blocks from both my brother and I from contacting her. My sister has always had big spending problems. They are now living in a $400,000 home and driving new cars. Her husband earns $800.00 per month disability check. (That’s another scam). She works only part time and probably earns no more than $1,000 per month. That $400,000 home was purchased a year ago with “NO MONEY DOWN”. My sister has said horrible things to all my relatives back east. I feel like my life has been destroyed. I am so hurt. My brother and I at least have each other.

    Prior to all this, my relationship with my parents was always very good. From what I have been researching, this type of things is becomming more common.

  4. Jackie Says:

    this is happening to our father right now, who would of thought…over 1900.00 a month and hes acting as though its ok to give to this derelict scum…his money!!! shes been witnessed banging on his door at 10pm by my nephew…going to put a stop to this however possible

  5. John Says:

    This just happened to my aunt. She passed away this week and the “kindly thieves” are about to be awarded her entire estate. I don’t know if there is anything to be done about it now. I never would have dreamed that this could happened in my family. Who’s next?

  6. Gerard Says:

    My wife and I are aware that a family friend is trying to take over my mothers estate. That person is doing about 80% of what you describe, the only difference is that they always show up when we visit. We also noticed that several thousand shares of stocks are missing, nothing done but the certificates are definitely gone, and we checked them just over a month ago, this person is the only person who has had access to them. My mom trusts this person and that person has access to all banking and financial matters. My mom is still very alert and competent, but very trusting, she cannot believe that this person could do anything we have shown her. This article is very helpful, Thanks

  7. Diane Wilkerson-Gabriel Says:

    WORST THAN MADOFF, 83 year old American Vet of WWII, x police officer and father.I was 74 when they came into my life through my daughter whom lived with me at the time.
    I am 100% mentally disabled through the VA.
    The boyfriend found out I had money. All of a sudden I have given them my POA, and made them beneficiary of my WILL and Living Trust my kids are out. As I recall that was not what I wanted to do. My kids fought for me in court and the thieves they where told to go away by AZ courts.
    They are back to take my life this time. The man the man he is trying to kill me. His daughter took me the hospital ( I can here her say to the nurse) she doesn’t know I can hear her. This is my Dad and he has overdosed he has a DNR. OK she is back to take my life then the rest of my money . She is not my daughter I don’t know her name help me someone.
    She gave them POA she told them to keep the other kids away. they can’t see me.
    I am scared, I am soldier, be strong I can’t remember why I am here. Where are they , my kids.
    The thief replied they have been called and are not coming. ( of course she was lying) She never called them.
    By the time we got back they had QC my house to the female thief. And was trying to put me in a nursing home all the time they where spending my money on honey moons, paying off there bills and just spending money I worked for all my life. My kids are trying to fight them again. But they are out of money of there own to fight. They can not use mine only the thief can. What have I done…….
    THEY ARE BACK……….I died June 29th 2008.
    Someone please help my kids fight these people in my absence. I fought over seas for you can you fight for me here. Please know this could happen to you. More chance of this happening then another MADOFF……..

    contact this sender to help
    EarthLink Revolves Around You.
    foward to anyone who will listen

  8. Linda Wilkerson Says:

    Help somebody Its happening to me now .I have no help my ex boyfriend is stealing my families estate now and $180,000,00 cash a house cars personal property.I have no funds to fight but I have so much evidence against him and his daughter but,the court says I need a atty …well the estate is payin for his atty with my money.I am at a loss …

  9. wilson Says:

    Dear John, Misty and Jackie,
    We feel your pain.
    One of our naive family members got scammed by some women and there is a big fight going on. The people in question seem to be ‘in it to win it” and they wont give up. They are like parasites and they won’t let go of their hold on the family member.DISGUSTING isnt the word. It is under law now but the people are living with the family member. Could they get the family member to sign a paper that allows them access to the family member’s estate and nulls and voids the fact that they ever committed the crimes they committed?

  10. wilson Says:

    will there be stricter laws for elderly financial abuse victims? will there be stricter laws for these CRIMES?

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