About Steal an Estate

StealanEstate.com discloses the secrets, strategies and malicious manipulations skilled con artists use to steal elderly people’s estates from their rightful heirs. Sadly, many of their tactics are hard to prove.

Separating elderly people from their loved ones to allow criminals and con artists to steal their assets, their estates and possessions is one of the worst forms of elder abuse.

As an heir, you may find yourself cut off, disinherited and disowned by people you love and have loved all your life for no apparent reason.

Organized crime rings are perpetrating some large estate thefts.

These criminals use sophisticated mental manipulation techniques developed by the military to poison and redirect elderly people’s minds, feelings and intentions. It is surprisingly easy to do. We explain how they do it.

Alcohol and drugs can be used to help exert undue influence.

Elderly people listen to people they see regularly and rely on to support them, especially when they live alone.

The thieves come disguised as helpful neighbors, caring live ins and even your own siblings. They are focused, skilled, ruthless, cruel and well organized.

Your estate must be large enough for attorneys to find it attractive to fight for your case.

This information is provided to help protect others from the crimes we experienced.

Being loyal and loving, responsible and respectable does NOT protect you from these crimes!

We are currently in litigation fighting years of undue influence with my mother’s estate in Suffolk County, New York.

If you have questions email us: Contact at StealanEstate dot com
You know the correct format, we do this to stop spammers.

11 Responses to “About Steal an Estate”

  1. tracey burnstein Says:

    hello –

    this link was sent to me by an “honest” law firm’s paralegal. my father was an attorney and he became a ward of the oakland county, michigan, probate court.

    if you so choose to call me or email me, my lines of communication are open.

    i am in litigation in and have been since 2001. now, two states are involved. my thoughts are with you and i am sure yours are with me.

    plesae contact me should you desire to do so.

  2. tracey burnstein Says:

    you referenc the ‘thieves’ and their disquise …. have you forgot one of the worst offenders ????? the seasonsed PROBATE ATTORNEY.

  3. donna Says:


    Please Read the above site! Any help or comment appreciated!!

  4. linda Says:

    I realize this site is intended to be tongue in cheek, but in effect it also provides information to induce people to commit financial crimes. Not exactly what you intended?

  5. Sherry Says:

    Thanks for getting the word out.
    Your site is amazing.

    For others that are victims of guardian/conservatorship abuse, or those of you that just want more information, please visit the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse at stopguardianabuse.org

    Together, we can stop the abuse.

  6. Clarinda Says:

    I felt turmoil as I read this, knowing that everyday this type of thing happens. It’s happened in my family as well. I work with seniors every day, could I use your main page as a print-out for our newsletter?

  7. Bre Harris Says:

    The other “bad guys” are some times the state agencies that are suppose to protect the elderly as in MY mother’s case in New Mexico. They are not on your side…and no state officials will help you. please feel free to contact me.

  8. Disowned Says:

    My opinion is that putting this info out there does nothing more than confirm what these ill-conceived criminals seem to know how to accomplish naturally all on their own… the sad truth is that if you are talking about another sibling or family member doing this to you, in their minds they are justified, are some kind of sacrificing hero or the hollywood character of virtue and YOU are the problem. They seem to be able to con themselves into believing that their evil is good and i dont think that in most family member cases that they are going to go to crime school to study how to do it… believe me… it seems to come to them all to easily enough!!

  9. MLY Says:

    This has happened in my family as well and the perp is my only sibling (a man with two felony convictions for bank robberies). He looted our father’s estate and is using many of the very manipulations listed on your website. He has our entire family conned. It is very sad. Thanks for putting this information out there–I only wish more people could be educated about such tactics.

  10. Sherri-O Says:

    so my sister is the culprit here. She set out to self deal and so she did. When questioned she has wrung us the heirs through the wringer for 6 years now. We finally got her removed and got our attorneys fees but even that was set aside. AND SHE WANTS $45,000.00 to be paid to her by us for ALL HER GOOD WORK of ripping the heirs off!!!! Never, ever allow ONE person the control of the estate.

  11. shariles Says:

    The only officials who’ve helped me has been the federal agencies. There is a Federal Insurance board to complain to when the state board won’t act on valid claims of thefts.

    There is a federal Attorney General if the state AG won’t deal.

    There is a federal Attorney’s Bar association if the lawyers/judges are not doing their job or are corrupted since State Bars are notoriously not going to do a thing but allow you to out yourself to the entire ‘officers of the courts’.

    If you are lucky enough to have any notary fraud the State will investigate-for BANKING thefts an honest bank manager told me to contact the BBB because ‘they will investigate’.

    I’ve been told by: the IRS, the FBI, ten lawyers in two states, bank managers, morticians that ‘this happens every day’… and they get away with it. What I’ve heard a few times is ‘if there are charges brought, there are usually convictions… but seldom recovery of the stolen property or assets’.

    The FBI has cool procedures as they are able to freeze accounts/assets and make restitution to the victim part of their sentencing.

    If you have any thefts with:guns, bank accounts, 401k monies, forgery of fed checks, and/or suspect any corruption with law enforcement or courts-give them a call. Make a report. Even if it goes no where due to financial conflicts etc-you know you’ve done the best you could do as far as documenting what happened to you and your loved ones.

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