How To Steal an Estate

Organized Crime has a Procedures Manual for destroying families and stealing their estates. It’s NOT pretty.  Knowing how these crimes work will help you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Many people report very similar experiences.  Here it is…

STEP ONE: Assess Opportunities & Establish Yourself

Identify Elderly Affluent People Who Are Alone – Target people who live alone and whose children or heirs live and work out of state.

Elderly Childless People Are Good  – Children and grandchildren are hard but not impossible to displace. Childless people may not have obvious heirs making it much easier for you to establish your position.

Assess Their Estate Decisions – How large is their estate? Do they have a will? How strongly do they feel about the disposition of their assets? The greater their uncertainty, the better it is for you.

Avoid Worthwhile Causes – People who want to leave their estates to worthwhile causes must see you as being more deserving than their cause. Charities are skilled at maintaining close ties with their donors.

Aversion to Extended Care – The best targets have a horror of nursing homes and extended care facilities and have a strong desire to continue living in their home until they die. Convince them their heirs will put them away and that you will help them stay independent until the end.

Length of Life Span – Unless your target is terminally ill or very elderly, expect this to be a long term project. Once you are sole beneficiary you will still need to defend your position until they expire. You obviously want the money as soon as possible. Ways to hasten their death are not posted on this site.

Become a Close Neighbor – This is by far the best and easiest way to ensure access and influence. It allows you to monitor all their activities and all their other relationships.

Create Reasons to See Them Often, Daily is Best – Find legitimate reasons to see them often to gain their trust, build influence and eventual control of them.

Alcohol Helps – Alcohol lowers people’s resistance, raises their susceptibility to suggestion, makes them relax, feel good and festive. It’s easy to manipulate alcoholics and make them angry and emotional.

People Are Especially Susceptible To Suggestion When Sleepy – During those hazy, lazy moments when they are just drifting off to sleep or waking up. Visit or telephone when the impact of your communication will linger in their minds long after you finish.

Always be Smiling, Positive and Loving – They must see you as special, especially deserving and associate you with only the most positive, wonderful feelings.

Be Sincere and Genuine – Elderly people are much smarter than they seem and know when they are being worked. Develop a sincere interest in their welfare, it makes you more convincing. As they age they will eventually depend and rely on you to support them.

Approve of Everything They Do – Unconditional Love And Approval Are Absolute Requirements! Separate and differentiate yourself from their heirs and people who disapprove or disagree with them or try to tell them what to do.

Always Take Their Side And Fault Anyone Who Disagrees With Them – This is the GOLDEN RULE! You want them to eventually sever or discount all other relationships so they rely, trust and love only you.

Leave Them On A High Note, Feeling Very Good About You – Treat each interaction as a professional. Each performance must further your goal of showing them you are their ONLY deserving heir.

Talk To Them Like Family – Tell them they are the wonderful father / mother or aunt / uncle you always wish you had. Plant family associations and connections in their mind.

Disappear When Their Family or Children Appear – This is VERY important! If the rightful heirs see what you are doing before you have gained full control, they will stop your relationship. Tell your target you want to respect the time they have with their family and children, this will make you seem especially loving and considerate.

Love What They Love – Whatever they cherish, love it too. Be seen as much nicer than anyone else who might dislike or disapprove of what they love or do.

Get Into A Position Of Trust And Authority – Manage their checkbook, their investments, their grocery money. Whatever you do, be VERY Honest. Your purpose is to show how honorable and trustworthy you are. Don’t steal early, wait for the big prize.

Cash Gifts – Make sure they know how much you really love them and not their money. Get gifts in cash which cannot be easily traced.

Act Like The Perfect Son Or Daughter – Be the perfect child they always wish they had. Appear far more deserving than any of their family members.

Create A Fun Secret Conspiracy, Build Secrecy Early – Tell them their daughter/son/rightful heir might get a little upset and jealous, so let’s just keep it our little secret! Let’s have fun and not tell them! They don’t have a right to know about everything you do any how!

Always Operate in Secret – Do NOT leave any proof or evidence of what you are doing or what you have done.

Keep the Rightful Heirs Ignorant of Your Relationship – If they sense you are becoming too close to their loved one before you have gained complete control, they will worry about your relationship and end it.

STEP TWO: Discredit and Displace The Heirs

It’s A Military Campaign – You are investing time and energy to gain control of their estate. If victorious, you will never have to work again. It is a long term project that requires guts, drive, determination, hard work and dirty deeds. Enjoy Doing Evil and Being Ruthless and Cruel.

Your Goal: To Completely Discredit and Disinherit Existing Heirs

Hate The Heirs – You must absolutely hate and despise the heirs you are disinheriting. You need to transfer a vicious, angry hatred to your target so that neither of you feels badly about what you are doing. Show no mercy. Hate is an absolute prerequisite for success.

Spy,  Stalk & Hack ThemUse inexpensive technologies that allow you to do this easily. Yes, it’s illegal, but so is defrauding elderly people and destroying their family relationships.

Truth and Righteousness – Show them the real truth about their heirs, illustrate and explain how their heirs have abused and misused them all their lives.

Collaborate If You Can – Is there an unhappy family member who can help you disinherit the others? Collaborate with them. Make sure you always have more on your collaborator than they have on you.

Turn All Innocent, Well-Intentioned Acts into Damning Condemnations of the Heir’s Misbehavior – Everything they do is wrong. Make sure everyone adopts the same thinking. The heirs have NEVER done anything right.

Restate Reality Into Wrongs – Change innocuous comments into outrageous, inflammatory lies that are loudly and emphatically proclaimed by your collaborators. Lies become verified truth and reality.

SEVER ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE HEIRS – This is VERY IMPORTANT! If your target refuses to communicate with their heirs, the heirs can’t exert influence, change their minds or fight your plans.

Use Anger & Betrayal – Get your target very angry with their heirs and keep them angry so they will cease all communications with the heirs. Make them feel angry, betrayed, devalued, used and abused. Use every tool at your disposal, create conflict every way you can.

Creating Conflict – If reasons to be angry with the heirs don’t exist, create them. The heirs are in the dark, they don’t know what you are doing. Tell damaging lies, falsify letters and “proof” of the heirs horrible dishonesty and misdeeds.

Continue Your Campaign of Conflict with the Heirs – Be relentless. Start small and gradually build over time. Do everything you can to destroy their relationships and any positive memories of their heirs.

Avoid Isolation – Encourage your target to continue their normal activities except those involving the heirs. You want them to appear normal to friends and associates who can validate their feelings. Isolating elderly people can be used to prove undue influence.

Involve An Attorney – The attorney who prepares the will be questioned if the will is challenged. Make sure their attorney supports you and will help you prove that they truly want you to enjoy their entire estate.

Rewrite Reality Repeatedly Over Time – A lie repeated over and over again over time eventually becomes truth. This is one of your most powerful tools. Repeatedly demonstrating what bad people their heirs are will eventually make your target believe it.

Discredit and Disparage – It is very hard to get people to go against long held, deep set beliefs and values. It’s much easier to change their memories and perceptions of reality.

Repeatedly Ridicule and Revile The Heirs – Laugh, make ridicule fun and entertaining. Bond with mutual hatred of the heirs, their greed and all their misdeeds.

Develop a Fun, Secret Conspiracy – Involve your target in fun little dirty tricks that hurt and harm the heirs. Encourage them to enjoy playing tricks to punish their heirs for all their abuse and mistreatment.

Discredit and Destroy the Heirs – Hurt and weaken them any way you can. Can you harm their business? Their career? Spread damaging lies about them? Do it, your financial future is at stake. Destroy them if you can so they can’t fight you.

Involve Organized Crime, Stalking and Hate Groups – Pay criminals to create havoc in the heir’s life, but only do it through intermediaries so it cannot be traced to you. Major life disruptions can be caused by surprisingly minor dirty tricks disguised as life’s bad breaks. Sick, psychotic people enjoy hurting people, getting paid for it is a plus.

STEP THREE: Savor Your Triumph

Enjoy Being Evil – Think about all the fun you will have and all the wonderful things you will do with the target’s money and how much you enjoy hurting the stupid, unsuspecting heirs.

You are so much better, smarter and deserving than they are.
You deserve the money.

The human mind has no firewall. Elderly People Are Weak And Vulnerable.  Heirs are helpless, they don’t know what you are doing until it is too late.

See About Steal an Estate on the upper right hand corner of this page.

=> Update: There is obvious tampering with the judicial process in addition to fraud with my parent’s estates.  Expanded explanations will be posted shortly.

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59 Responses to “How To Steal an Estate”

  1. Mary W. Lang Says:

    Do you have any articles on IRA planning. We do Stand Alone IRA Trusts so that we assure our clients of “S T R E T C H-O U T and Asset Protection for the beneficiaries and control the Trust makers wishes thru this vehicle and titling the multible beneficiaries of the client’s IRA’s in this Revocalbe Stand Alone Preservation. We appreciate your article on “How to Steal an Estate”. We are looking for an good article to include in our handouts for the IRA Workshops. Thank you in advance for your response to my comments.
    Mary W. Lang
    Estate & Business Law Group, P.C.

  2. Doug Says:

    I am an attorney and found your website interesting. I am going to be giving a seminar to other attorneys and CPAs about estate planning and probate matters. Could I have your permission to make copies of home page on your website for that seminar?

  3. donna Says:

    PLease click on the above site. Any comment or help would be greatly appreciated. How do you prove undue influence????

  4. Vicki Donkin Says:

    Your website is on the mark. I hired a weekend caregiver for my Aunt several years ago and she used every one of your methods to get control of my Aunt and get herself on as her sole heir within 3 weeks! There was nothing we could do about it either. Adult protective services said that because my Aunt was not in a drooling stupor, the courts would not intervene. Luckily, the evil caregiver had to have some time off and brought in her own relief caregiver who started to suspect that the whole family could not be as bad as she was telling my Aunt we were. The relief caregiver got my Aunt to let her stay there full time and the evil caregivers plan was thwarted. We were called and saved her before she was moved out of state. I have no doubt that she would have accidentally died somehow and nobody would have questioned the “friend” caregiver.
    Be very careful who is lurking around your parents and elder relatives. Bad people are out there. Our evil caregiver still is.

  5. Dan Fontana Says:

    I am interning for a private investigator who specializes in Elder Abuse issues.

    It is amazing how the “m.o.” is the same, no matter where the crime of robbing elders of their freedom and money occurs. In California, “Friends of the Court” — Court-appointed attorneys and conservator/guardians became part of the problem.

    They were assigned to assist elders, particularly when there was a “dispute” in a family. In many counties, they simply ignored State law about the procedures to be followed.

    Finally, last year, the Los Angeles Times ran a 3-part series after nearly a year of investigation. The Supreme Court publicly stated that it was appalled and appointed a commission (chaired by the presiding Appellate Judge) that actually got results.

    The Commission acknowledged that a few counties were exemplary, most were doing the best they could and needed help — and some were what could be described as corrupt!

    Some laws requiring increased oversight were enacted immediately. Others laws take affect 2008. This was in spite of “professional” conservators and their attorneys fighting change at every step of the way. (There are some good folks in these fields, but most, at minimum, were bulldozed into “looking the other way” or got burned out trying to fight the bad guys.)

    California is still a work in progress. I am mentioning it to provide hope, because it does represent a sea change in acknowledgment that there is a problem, and that professionals and their attorneys are a big part of it.

    Also, I was directed to via a posting on an American Bar Association discussion group on Elder Abuse Prevention and Response.

    As part of the law changes in California, there will be a list of Fiduciaries **who have been removed by the court** Problem is that investigation has shown that some counites failed to make reports. Also, suspects may resign when they see the handwriting on the wall.

    One thing we are trying to establish is a non-government based tracking system for complaints about fiduciaries and their attorneys, and the outcome of the complaints. If this of interest to anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Dan Fontana

    Security Consultants – Professional Investigators
    6654 Koll Center Parkway
    Suite 32-4316
    Pleasanton, CA 94566
    California Investigator License 15604


  6. Mysty Says:

    I am glad to have found this website.

    My story is over the top unreal.

    My mom died about 8 months ago. My father being 86 years old deeply missed his wife of 50 years.

    Long story short, my brother and I were both served with restraining orders to stay away from my father. He is convinced that we want to steal his money and put him in a nursing home.

    My sister and her “bum” husband are the only people my father now trusts.

    My sister has put phone blocks from both my brother and I from contacting her. My sister has always had big spending problems. They are now living in a $400,000 home and driving new cars. Her husband earns $800.00 per month disability check. (That’s another scam). She works only part time and probably earns no more than $1,000 per month. That $400,000 home was purchased a year ago with “NO MONEY DOWN”. My sister has said horrible things to all my relatives back east. I feel like my life has been destroyed. I am so hurt. My brother and I at least have each other.

    Prior to all this, my relationship with my parents was always very good. From what I have been researching, this type of things is becomming more common.

  7. Jordan Atin Says:

    Have you seen my book “The Family War: Winning the Inheritance Battle”? It’s all about estate disputes.….

    We have been in Newspapers across the country.

    I hope that our book helps avoid these types of disputes, or if they happen, to diffuse them as quickly as possible.



  8. Mysty Says:

    I ordered that book and my brother and I have both been reading it. It is very good. Unfortunately, I was not aware of how my sister and her husband had been plotting for a long time to turn my father against my brother and myself. I should had paid attention to the warning signs much sooner. They live way beyond their means.

    It is amazing how family members become your worst enemy. I have heard similar stories from people over the years, but never thought it would happen to me. Why?…because our family always got together on holidays, exchanged gifts at Christmas, sent birthday cards, planned vacations together. We seemed tight. Well guess what. If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone else.

    I would encourge anyone who has aging parents with assets to read your book. Pay attention to the different personalties and characteristics of siblings, friends and relatives. Keep your eyes open and protect yourself. Pay attention!

  9. Pat Says:

    Like Mysty I NEVER, NEVER thought this could happen in our family. I thought as families go we were loving and close.

    Where do I start? I meet my husband in Jr. High School. He and his twin were the oldest of five children. We are now 59 and 60 yrs. old. His parents had come from humble but honest backgrounds, and worked hard. His father was one of the first to develope offshore drilling platforms with the largest oil company in the USA. When they retired to the family ranch they were more than comfortable.

    When my husband and I first married we took care of the ranch and another family farm for 6 yrs. We did this so his parents (his sister and two younger brothers) could live and work in Norway. It was an amazing oppertunity. It was very hard on us as a young married couple . We were not paid to do this and it never crossed our mines to be paid because this is what families do. It was at this ranch that all our family gatherings would take place. Untill our kids got into high school we went to the ranch many, many times during the year. We loved this place!! About 1995 we saw the plans his father had to divide the ranch into 5 parts equal parts and where each childs part would be. We were all trilled!

    I’m telling this story so that you might understand the hurt that hit all of us after his father (2005) and mothers (2006) death. In 2000 my husbands sister moved into another house on the ranch, to “care for them when they were old”. After his mother died and after her service we (my huband, his twin and younger brother) were informed that the sister and youngest brother were to get the ranch (all the contince of the house) – essentially 4/5 th of the inheritiance and the three brothers were to split 1/5th. From their parents house my husband got a deer rifle! There was no letter from his parents with an explanation – nothing.

    God has blessed my husbands business and we are not after monitary gain. But my husbands twin lost his company and all his retirement only a few years before his fathers death and was out of work for 10 months. At 58 yrs he is starting over. The younger brother was also not able to working for over 18 months before he found employment about 2 yrs before. I know my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were not hurting for money because he is employed by my huband and I know how much he makes a year. He saw my husband 5 days a week for 6 yrs and never said a thing. We trusted them and all we were told is “That’s what mother and daddy wanted.” They stole not only the bulk of the inheritience but my husbands confidence that is parents even loved him. You see he felt like they didn’t respect him enough to talk to him about this.

    The really mind blowing thing was as I read “How to Steal an Estate” the charactoristics in each paragraph was dead spot on to my sister-in-law. I know it was ment to be sarcastic but almost all of it REALLY HAPPENED!!!!

    • Wayne Says:

      Hi Pat,

      Your story really touched our hearts and rang so true tou our situation as well. Wayne & I plan to post Wayne’s letter to his mother, minus the names, as a blog, so we would really appreciate your deleting it when you have had a chance.

      I hope you have moved along the healing process that we still have infront of us after such a huge betrayal by family.



  10. donna Says:

    The following site details the atrocities happening to our family. A sister has turned my father against the rest of the family. she has taken control and ownership of their home.
    My mother has Alzhiemers. so this is a race against time.

    If anyone can offer any advice PLEASE go to the above site and leave a comment. ANY help is greatly appreciated.

  11. Mysty Says:

    Donna and Pat, you are in my prayers, as well as all others who have experienced such horrific deeds by our own family members. It is certainly something that has caused us all grief. It has been 6 months since I have spoken to my sister or her husband. I will never be speaking to her children again either. How could I? They are going to stand by mom and dad. I can’t believe she claims to be a church going christian.

    I am so sad every day about what has happend, but I know I must go on. It is not really the money that bothers me. I have been employed with a good job and will have a good retirement.

  12. Newsbits for the elderlies « O’Folks Says:

    […] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How To Steal an Estate …Identify Elderly Affluent People Who Are Alone – Target people who do not have strong family relationships, who are either estranged from their families and children or whose families live and work out of state…. Aversion to Extended Care – Targets often exhibit a horror of nursing homes and extended care facilities and have a strong desire and determination to continue living in their home until they die. If they move, your years of hard work may be wasted…. Alcohol Helps – Alcohol lowers people’s resistance, raises their susceptibility to suggestion, makes them relax, feel good and festive. It’s easy to manipulate alcoholics and make them angry and emotional… People Are Especially Susceptible To Suggestion When Sleepy – During those hazy, lazy moments when they are just drifting off to sleep or waking up. Visit or telephone when the impact of your communication will linger in their minds long after you finish. … […]

  13. Cindy Says:

    Hi, I’m cindy. I found to steal an estate a very eye opening website for me. It is happening to me! i am an only child of an 80 year old very ill father. Who has a male friend…. a friend that started coming around after my mother died. Him and his wife. They have emptied out all my fathers possessions, right under my nose, and i live there! to watch over him. They have taken thousands in and have moved onto cutting down standing trees off my fathers land. Alot of trees.It is horrible and getting out of hand. My father will not admit that this is going on, altho all the other neighbors see it too.The thing that gets me the most is their blazen attitude. It is rightfully theirs to take!!! My father has even threatened me with a gun. When i read to steal an estate, i saw Everything they were doing. I am now on a operation i call ” to catch a con” wish me luck. cindy

  14. Jen Says:

    Skimming down through “How To Steal an Estate”, really answered so many of my nightmare questions and ordeal. My father was an only child and died soon after his 51st birthday. My retired grandparents (both of sound mind at the time), came to me as the most trusting out of all 5 grandchildren and laid out their sweetheart will to be divided equally in 1/6 th shares that included my biological mother. My biological mother went off dating others shortly after my fathers death and was sporatically in the family circle, only during major holidays. My grandfather died 2 years after my father died, leaving my grandmother devasted and vulnerable. Six years lather, my biological mother and other siblings who fell on hard times, formed this conspiracy with the help of my grandmothers attorney. In secret the power of attorney was taken away from me. My biological mother moved in with my grandmother, got half ownership of her house for a dollar. Then her and one of my brothers put a $76,000.00 lean against grandmothers house to buy a farm and large piece of land. All her stocks, bonds, CD’s, heir looms, coin collection soon disappeared. When they cut off her trees and all her timber, I obtained photo’s, hoping the area agency for elders would help. I was attacked by flying rocks when I tried to get more photo’s and yes, I got photo’s of my brothers tossing apples and rocks at me, only to find myself defending myself in a magistrates court with the photo’s after my biological mother lied and said it was me, the photo’s cleared that false allegation, but not the rest of this case. I wrote numerous complaints to the DA’s office, Sheriffs Office, and area agencies, including the state officials, for unknow reasons, nobody would do anything or get seriously involved. It was only after my own daughter had a child and moved back home after the relationship fell apart did some evidence come to surface. My daughter hired an attorney to represent her in a child custody case and this vengeful family of mine, got involved with the opposing family to fight vigorously to get the child taken away from my daughter to get even with me. The attorney my daughter had was fighting zealously, until my grandmothers attorney’s nasty letters attacking me a few years prior, NOW resurface again at my daughters custody hearing to rattle her emotions. My daughters attorney acted like he took a sleeping pill and started attacking me, telling my daughter I should seek couseling and all other garbage. My husband called this attorney and they argued over this change in attorney behavior (only to be billed later for this crap). Come to find out from a very old phone book dated back to 1975, the president judge in my local county, my grandmothers attorney and my daughters attorneys father were all in practice together for several years. It appears there are people in power who are hanging up their black robe for a janitors suit to keep cleaning up judical wrongs. Now, it becomes clear why the D.A.’s office, sheriffs office and the area on aging would not stay involved. My grandmother is now rotting in a nursing home among strangers and none of the rest of my siblings or biological mother go see grandmother, now that she is poverty level and at the tax payers expense now. My grandmother had long term home health care insurance (the expensive kind), when my biological mother moved in and was on disability herself, told my grandmother she did not need that costly insurance and she would always be the one who took care of her. This costly insurance would of paid for home care, but when someone is on disability they can’t show they are making alot of money, so the insurance company I am sure laughed all the way to the bank on that case. Twenty years my grandparents and grandmother alone paid for that costly insurance and when the time came it could of been used, it was manipulated into dropping it and the extra monthly cash of course went into this caregivers pocket. My biological mother ran off with one of my grandmothers insurance men and the $180,000.00 house they bought was from my grandmothers estate I’m sure. The insurance man had an already $50,000 lean against the house he was living in and my biological mother on disability, so how did they come up with a large amount of money for an elaborate $180,000.00? One attorney actually came out and told me that too much power is behind protecting the wrong of this attorney and it would be suicidal to continue my complaints. Every time I do, the system takes it out on my daughter during her child custody battles. The last time I continued this, my daughter was sued in court for more time by the childs father and his attorney and nobody invited her to the court date and he got alot more custody time. Sorry for the long venting, it is frustrating, knowing they scammed my grandmother out of her golden nest egg and then tossed her in a nursing home. I’ve been raked and reraked over hot coals on this subject matter. And the hits just keep coming. My daughter has to go in front of this same president judge, she showed that her ex had a dangerous Rottweiler dog that preyed on chickens and cats. She showed the concerns of a large unfenced pond, she showed cancelled checks where the guy frequents the bars, she also had a P.I. report showing the ex was just picking up the child and dropping the child off with his girlfriend or mother and the P.I. also had this ex clocked at 80 miles an hour in a hurry to get to a golf scrabble, while the child was in the vehicle with his new pregnant girlfriend (who took off with the child after dropping the ex off)…………The judge ignored all these concerns of saftety and awarded more custody time for the ex. Each time my daugher gets a new attorney $1700 dollar retainer plus fee’s, and none will ask for venue or change of judge. She is now representing herself after 3 lawyers started out zealously and then laid down like a sleeping dog. My daughter was also forced to give up breastfeeding after 5 months of custody battle and had to turn over a small baby to over night visits. Why is over nights more important than breastfeeding, when the surgeon general pacifically states 6 months is best and a year is even better because it appears to lower S.I.D.S. (sudden infant death syndrome). First, it was my grandmother with this county, now my daughter is being used as a pon to keep me at bay, if I don’t these cases are treated like the maffia, they get even through your loved ones. Bizarre and so unbelievable at times. I have a document where my grandmothers attorney, writes to the area agency, stating he knew about the lean against my grandmothers home, but it was only a temporary thing, that is odd because it has now been over 4 years ago and nobody will follow up on it. My grandmothers attorney took an early retirement but still haunts me with his letters, keeping this case closed even though he’s suppose to be in retirement. The only other thing I felt I could do is write a book about everything, but it’s so bizarre at times it would be labeled fiction and not based on a true story………….thanks for letting me vent here!!!

  15. Debbie Says:

    Just happened to me. My Dad’s will said everything was to be split 50-50 with my sister. After he died 6 years ago, my sister within months had my my sign a deed of Waranty leaving her their house. Then she setup a trust and in it had all the contents of the house go to her.

    My sister told my mom if she didn’t sign everything over to her she wouldn’t help her pay her condo fees (2k a year), she told her I refused to help I offered every year but my sister said no she would pay it. My mom never told me about the deed, trust or will. She was a willing participant in giving my sister everything against my Dad’s wishes. The worst, my sister told my mom (and who else) lies about me which she believed. My sister was bipolar and before she committed sucide she made my mom sign papers giving everything to her husband and son. My mom just told me this weekend. Now that my sister isn’t around she wants me to visit and to spend time with my family. I just can’t do it. I am to hurt and angry, they wanted a sister and daughter for all these years but failed to tell me that they had disinhered me and my family. How sick.

  16. Elaine Renoire Says:

    I am a member of the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse (NASGA) – an organization of victims and families of victims fighting to expose and stop unlawful and abusive guardianships/conservatorships.

    Guardians and their attorneys are the best of the best of estate stealers. They steal more than estates, though, they also steal lives.

    Thank you for this website. Please visit ours:

  17. Joe Roubicek Says:

    “How To Steal An Estate”?…. This piece is evil, accurate and very effective! Wow!!!! Good job! Joe Roubicek

  18. Laura Gagnon Says:

    Below is a letter sent to the Estate lawyer looking after my Mother’s Estate, who passed away in September, last year. Myself and my Sister, were listed as joint powers of attorney and joint legal trustees as per the will. Any suggestions regarding this issue as th elawyer states that he cannot represent either of us independently.

    Dear Mr.XXXXX:

    In reference to our phone call, you asked me to write a letter, on my behalf and on my Brother, XXXXXXXX’S behalf, showing the details pertaining to our recommendation for the removal of my Sister, XXXXXXXXXXX, by the courts as Legal Estate Trustee. I am putting in point form the reason’s for which the recommendation is being made.

    – The removal of all documents in my Mother, XXXXXXXX’s house, prior to my arrival before her death.

    – I have copies of investments and accounts which my Mother held, during her lifetime. Discussion about the documents led to threats of lawsuits and slander through my Sister’s lawyer, namely XXXXXXX.

    – I was unable to discuss these issues, civilly or jointly, without putting myself in a vulnerable situation of impending lawsuits.

    – Denial from my Sister, that my Brother-in law, XXXXX managed my Mother’s investments. On the request of XXXXX, I signed a form, hastily, without the time or ability to read it over, years ago, which he informed me, at that time, that it gave him permission to control my Mother’s investments.

    – XXXXXXXXXXX has proceeded without assistance by me, to control every aspect of settling matters pertaining to the estate and then demanding outrageous compensation for the work she did. Due to the removal of all documentation prior to my arrival, I was left in a helpless situation, unable to do a legitimate search of any documents necessary to assist in investigation of financial findings or to assist in correspondence to cancel accounts or to do any of the duties required by me as joint trustee.
    – On the advice of my lawyer, XXXXXXXX, I was advised to agree, totally, and not to show any disagreement with my Sister in order to get Legal trustee status so that I may be able to do a legal search into the matters that were in question resulting from the removal and inability to see original documents.

    – The treatment of my brother and I immediately after my Mother’s death, by my sister and her husband, was in our opinion, cruel and unsympathetic. Because of the control they held in the situation, it was forced on us to, race through the settlement of the estate, to get it finished, without time to grieve our Mother’s death. Because legal appointment had not been established, we were forced to agree to her terms, without question. Even the correspondence from the funeral home was removed so I was unable to send thank you cards to my family and friends on my Mother’s behalf.

    – During the distribution process, I was made put a dollar value on every item, whether sentimental or not, taken by family from the house. Unnecessary paperwork to itemize things that she wanted divided, as to create an account for final distribution was insisted upon, by XXXXX, even though they had full access to the house before anyone was there, and then stated that we were not allowed on their property. Because they admitted to holding documents there, they implicated that they, again, controlled access by me, to see, or act on, any of the information pertaining to the estate.

    – XXXXXX’s disclosure of assets owned by my Mother, during her lifetime, did not include previous investments my Mother held. Her refusal to civilly discuss this and the threats made by her, to me, for wanting to discuss them, made it impossible for me to communicate with her.

    – In the hopes that we would be able to communicate about issues pertaining to accounts, numerous communications through letter and e-mail have been sent, and my request to sit down, together with my Brother and XXXXX, as he has always been my Mother’s advisor pertaining to investments, to discuss my Mother’s documents, have been ignored. Direct questions have been asked to my Sister. Instead of direct answers to the questions, only explanations of other events which she has done for my Mother have been sent. Private accounts, belonging to, my sister & husband, discussed, in a letter from her lawyer, were stated as being one and the same as my Mother’s accounts, were grounds for being questioned. XXXXXX has stated that their personal accounts are none of our business.

    – My sister’s latest letters contained many apologies for removing documents, and her excuse being that she didn’t realize that there was a lack of communication between the two of us until you made her aware of it. Any time I tried to initiate the issues in question, pertaining to anything financial about my Mother’s assets, I was threatened with lawsuits. I felt that up to this point, I could not discuss anything with her for the fear that I would put myself in a vulnerable position, by her. I have never accused her of anything except stating that there were discrepancies in the investments that XXXXX showed pertaining to the XXXXXXXX Bank, as his statement disclosed to us, was her last GIC investment from the XXXX and some money she held in her savings account, invested at the XXXXXXXX Bank in November, 2006. No prior investments have been shown, in his disclosure, dating back to the death of my Father in 1982.

    – My sister has always conveyed that she has done so much for my Mother throughout her lifetime. My Mother has, in the past, showed signs and conveyed to me and other family members, abusive treatment and because of my distance situation, I couldn’t remove her from it. It was partially due to complete control of her, by my sister and her husband. The fear of alienation and total reliance on them to look after her, was always an issue with my Mother. I was forced to not act on her behalf, on her wishes, because if anyone was made aware of the situation, her fear of their actions was very extreme. My brother could not be made aware of the situation, because, at that time, he was still in close contact with XXXXXX and XXXXX. I have since explained to him that the fear of him telling XXXXXX and XXXXX, would leave her vulnerable to further problems. The fact that my Mother would not leave her home, for reasons that only she could understand, was another issue. In my Mother’s past, it has been acknowledged by myself, and my brother that my Mother was made to compensate my sister and brother-in law for everything they did to made her life livable. My brother can verify this. The direct control and treatment of my brother and me, by my sister during these Estate dealings is a prime example of the way my Mother had been treated while in their care. I do have some evidence to back up this claim, but I wanted it to be known, by their actions toward us, and the control they held, what measures they would go to, to do this.

    – In trying to get cooperation in financial disclosure, in XXXXXX’s last letter, she states that she would not sit down to discuss my Mother’s prior investment documentation. I was told by my sister, that I would need legal permission to search my Mother’s past and that I should ask help from you or (my lawyer) to be able to do this. She has stated that when I have exhausted my search, only then would she, agree to do this. She agreed to send the box of documents by bus to me, but I feel that if documents haven’t already been disclosed, they may have been removed prior to my getting them.

    – Undue stress and lack of cooperation in trying to obtain information pertaining to dealing with XXXXXX, and the total frustration resulting from her total control and behavior regarding this issue, has resulted in this request of having her removed as Legal trustee. I have consulted with my brother and he agrees with the request. Leaving her in the position she is, we are afraid that she will cause more unnecessary expense and complications to the estate, before it is settled.

    I hope this letter is appropriate and meets your request for an itemized list pertaining to the reason for removal of XXXXXX, as Legal Trustee in the Estate of XXXXXXXXXXX. If it is too in depth, I apologize, but the explanation has somehow, snowballed.

    If you think mediation can be accomplished between XXXXXX and me, by you, in this matter, my brother and I would really appreciate the attempt.

    I have reviewed my Mother’s income tax statements with her income tax preparer, and a list of prior investment companies and account numbers have been obtained, since 1993.

    I have written to the XXXXXXXXX in Barrie, and requested any information pertaining to my Mother’s account dealings and investments, that they held on microfilm. A fee of $60.00 was mailed, in order to get the paper copies of these documents. They informed me that they had the legal certificate and because I was not there in person, to prove my identity, they would send the documentation to you.

    I would appreciate a call, when you receive this information.

    We sincerely thank you for taking the time to review this matter.


  19. Peggy Hedrick, Attny. Says:

    I’m putting a link to your site on my website. I have a general practice — but even with everything else going on, I’ve rescued a few estates, and also seen the thieves described walk away with everythng.

    I wish I could provide a formula on which a family, or an elderly person facing disability and death could rely — but the best I can do is to say –just do your best.

  20. Lou Ann Anderson Says:

    I also have experienced much of what is described on this site. The step-by-step instructions on how to steal an estate is a beautiful use of parody that nails the ugliness of what I call the Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA). My congratulations!

    With that, IRA describes the process in which unscrupulous individuals use the age and/or incapacitation of a person to gain control of their personal assets and “redistribute” them in a manner contrary to what the person intended. It can happen during the person’s lifetime or posthumously. Family members, friends or even “trusted” associates like a lawyer or caregiver are potential IRA practitioners. With legal and financial maneuvering, IRA can be accomplished totally within the limits of the law. These cases often occur within legal frameworks such as guardianships, trusts or wills.

    Historically, court battles are the traditional “remedy” for such actions. Win or lose, the massive financial expense, as well as emotional toll, often yields the only true “winners” in these cases to the participating lawyers. As more of these cases occur and affect people at levels throughout the economic spectrum, “shining light on the dark side of estate management” is viewed as a first step toward serious and impactful public dialogue that can lead to policy changes designed to shut down IRA practitioners and return integrity to the arena of estate management, including the probate process.

    Please visit for view our story. This site also provides an archive of IRA media reports and original commentary.

  21. Danna Mongoven Says:

    I’m glad I read this. It all happened to my father and me and my two brothers. I often feel “crazy” because no one believes this stuff can happen or wants to do anything about it. My dad was not perfect but the stuff that happened mostly to ME as his normal nice daughter trying to protect him was horrifying. He had Parkinson’s, diabetes and heart complications and it started very slowly – old girlfriend came back to town, seized health care control and ex business partner and dad’s accountant were all involved in coaching her. I saved most of my dad’s estate but he was forced to sign off a lot of his business and I was literally barred from driving through the security gate to visit my dad in Rancho Mirage, CA. I couldn’t see him when he died. He would be on the phone with me saying, “I don’t understand. I don’t care who visits but THEY tell me you can’t come over.” An absolute nightmare I’ll never get over. Hard for me to go to doctors now as I trust no one.

  22. Karen Says:

    Guardian abuse is rampant in New York State. “legalized” abuse by the courts that are supposed to protect our loved ones are the very ones abusing them.

    Wake up America ! Baby boomers your next!

  23. Marge Says:

    I watched a very close family friend be convinced to give money to bogus causes and to change an estate plan that had been in place for years. Since he’d never been married, there was no one with legal standing to question what was going on. Once I began my own research into the effects of undue influence I began hearing many similar stories… a few that happened to relatives, but even more that happened to friends or neighbors with no heirs.

    Please visit the site to get a small sampling. If you’ve got an experience to share, whether it relates to a friend, relative or acquaintance, please follow the link to the questionnaire at the end of that page. The survey allows you to enter as little, or as much information as you are comfortable with. You can enter contact information, or leave it blank and remain anonymous.

    Thank you in advance for helping with this project!

  24. BreezyAZ Says:

    My brother in law is an attorney. I just have one older sister married to HIM.
    We discussed bringing out our widowed mom from CA 3 years ago because she was starting to get dementia and had called the police and her bank (I did not know this at the time) telling them my brother in law stole $4,000 from her. (I heard it from my son).
    He and my older sister packed her up and brought her back to Phoenix to live a a nursing home in a nice private room. Everything seemed fine.
    One day I asked my Mom where her papers and checkbook were. She didn’t know! I called my sister (who would not take my call) and my brother in law said my mom created a Living Trust with a friend of his ( an attorney friend) and it was all finished and she signed it. Mom said she never signed anything. She had no recollection of an attorney coming to her room and signing papers (as he had told me).
    I had my mom write a note and sign it allowing me to get a copy of any and all papers from the Living Trust attorney. The attorney would not allow me a copy!
    He suggested I come down to his office to ‘view’ it. I did that. How could I understand that legal jargon? It was bizarre to sit there and page through this ‘big book’ all by myself in a room!!
    I noticed my name was taken off everything which on older wills my mom created, used to say I was co-executor with my sister. No more.
    my brother in law’s name RULES.
    Now, everything of my mother’s is owned and controlled by my attorney brother in law and his attorney friend and I am only mentioned once in the will as getting money to help with bills when she dies. Meanwhile I’ve done nothing because I don’t know how to go up against these two attorneys AND not upset my mom over it. She thinks my brother in law is ‘untrustworthy’ and tells me everything is fine with her will and my sister and I am co-executives of it. When pressed on details she gets very upset and threatens to give it away to charity. She can’t stand to think it’s in jepardy or we’re greedy.
    One other horrible thing I didn’t mention is that my mom did not believe in the stock market and never had a dime in it. My brother in law invested it in the stock market!! I told him not to do that but he said they’re only in SAFE THINGS! (big joke now!)
    Is there anything I can do without them contacting my mom? I’m so afraid if she gets upset she’d have a heart attack. Then I would be responsible. After calling my brother in law AGAIN about getting a copy of the will, one was finally sent to me. I have not opened it.
    My feelings of hatred toward my brother in law for stealing from my mom and not letting me talk to my sister in years is a lot to bear.
    Any ideas are welcome!

  25. Catwoman Says:

    I know of a situation where an evil daughter has completely turned her father against his other 2 children and his grandchildren. basically doing many of the things described on this site. APS and the police don’t want to be bothered unless there is extreme physical abuse. I agree with Dan Fontana that here in California, the court appointed attorneys and conservator/fiduciaries and even the courts are part of the problem. The bar for conservatorship is so high that moderately incapacitated seniors are considered able to defend themselves against the estate stealers. They pretty much have to be a vegetable to get a conservatorship. Otherwise it is ok for a senior to sign everything over to the perpetrator. I guess that these people also think that everybody in Jonestown wanted to drink that poison Kool-aid. What can you do? Does anybody have any sucess stories?

  26. R. D. Hogan Says:

    How to Steal an Estate was posted on June 15, 2007. Is there a possibility that this guideline or a similar guideline was posted somewhere before this date?
    Reason… Our younger brother appears to have followed these instructions to the letter. My father had four children. At one time all four children were in his Last Will and Testament. Now my younger brother is the beneficiary. He did the following: (1) took my father out of his house and moved him 600 miles away to another state. (2) did not allow others to speak to him, including his own brother and sister, (3) changed the will and all life insurance policies making him the beneficiary, (4) Convinced our father that the other children were trying to steal from him (Note – the younger brother had a history of stealing and is currently a convicted felon), (5) Involved attorneys to keep us from seeing him… and so on.

    QUESTION… Were there other websites that had outlined the basic principles of “How to Steal an Estate”?

    We are going to trial in the near future. This might help in the case.

  27. Latifa Ring Says:

    This is so on target. I’d add the method of building discent amoung the family members and then getting one of them to file for guardianship. Then you pounce in with the allegations, insinuations, inuendes that become facts on the record that they are unfit to serve. Then you or one of the lawyer buddies or even a guardian lock this thing up by becomming the guardian.

  28. Angela Says:




  29. Marge Says:

    If you have a loved one who is elderly, I’d suggest one of the things you can do, for your own peace of mind, if nothing else, is to videotape them. Easy-to-use cameras are priced reasonably right now. Place one on a coffee table or tripod, and then sit down with your parent, grandparent or friend and ask them questions about their life; this could be about their childhood, first love, favorite job, home, parents or anything else that seems interesting. Continue by asking about their life now, and how they would like to be remembered after they are gone.

    I did this with one dear friend, years ago. He barely speaks to any of his former acquaintances now that he has a circle of “new friends” who have “helped” him to reorganize his estate to their benefit. As a senior bachelor, I expect that once he dies, and his new heirs have finished dividing the spoils, he won’t mean much to them. But, I’ll still have old photos, videotape and letters that show the person he once was.

  30. Colleen Says:

    My dad has decided that his children are not worthy of an inheritance. I believe it’s going to the catholic church – charming bunch they are. Our dad crapped all over us for in the formative years then he fled to Florida for 25 years and recently came back to re-establish ties. Well we tried but dad is manipulative and doesn’t have the first clue how to maintain relationships. He would call me and my siblings with lists of things for us to do (nevermind our family/work obligations), demand that we go to catholic church or our children will go to hell (thanks grandpa you’re a swell guy), talk about us behind each other’s back (so sophmoric), complain about us not visiting enough then complain about the quality of the visits. The crap from him is endless. He will leave his property to the church and whatever other superficial relationships he has going on. Because our dad has a low-opinion of himself we suffered and struggled all our lives to build relationships that work. Now the prick is going to slap us over and over again from the grave. In a way that is more desirable that having to put up with thieving rotten golddiggers that have no respect for the struggles of others.

    I think the reason why some of you are struggling so much is because you wouldn’t dream of behaving in the manner that the golddiggers do. It stuns you beyond belief. People that lie and manipulate have a lot to juggle you only have to snatch one ball away… They certainly aren’t expecting “bad” behaviour from you – are they now? Use your one chance wisely… who knows it may lead to a second chance…

  31. Gulotta Says:

    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks 🙂

    Happy new year

  32. Latifa Ring Says:

    Our petition to stop elder abuse and guardianship abuse in our Courts now has over 760 signatures. Many of the comments are from people whose lives have been irreparably harmed and who have watched their loved ones suffer abuse while they are robbed by attorneys and guardians.

    God help us all if this is not stopped. The racket is getting worse and worse and the econmonic problems increase. How is this happening in a democratic country with a Constitution that should protect the vulnerable from this abuse.

    Visit our website and petition at

  33. Megan Says:

    Below is the link to my suggestion to reform our Estate and Family Laws, please vote by March 19, 2010, add your comments and suggestions, and pass onto your networks. If you have a google, yahoo, AOL or WordPress account, access to the DOJ IdeaScale site is simple.

    Many of our current family-oriented laws are outdated, and based on traditional models when marriages lasted a lifetime, long before the advent of single moms, second and third marriages, half-sisters and step-brothers, absent fathers, etc.

    As such, our family and estate laws are no longer effective, and our Health and Human Services are not capable of keeping up with those who take advantage of the transitional time we find ourselves in as a nation.

    I strongly recommend establishing a Task Force to look into Estate/Family Law reform, using models from more progressive countries such as Canada as a starting point (see blog on “undue influence” below):

    Related Links:

    Click to access 105.pdf

    Side issues such as Elder Financial Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, etc. should be addressed collaboratively with the Dept. of Health and Human Services and other non-profit and State and Local Gov’t partners.

  34. Doug Says:

    I am an investigator with the Department of Health and Senior Services. A majority of the cases I work are financial exploitation cases where the supect is a relative of the victim (primarily sons or daughters). In addition to investigations, I also provide trainings for social workers, law enforcement, public administrators, etc. I would also like to incorporate some of your information in these trainings. Please contact me when convenient.

    • elderabusereformnow Says:

      Dear Doug, are you still collecting stories of estate mismanagement, I have a great story happening now. A $30 million charitable trust left to needy children 98% hijacked by a wealth management team and lawyers. all they need to do now is sell the ranch and thier evil plan is complete. They’ve voted the remaining family member off the foundation board. No one cares…what in gods name do we do?

    • Gayle Lang Says:

      If this is a Federal issue, I would be happy to respond to your query, even though I am not the person you were responding to.
      My brother and siblings stole my mother’s estate. I contacted the attorney they used after he advertised on the Internet that he could help people whose parents had Alheimers (until recently, only a post-mortem could verify this as fact, according to the Alheimers Association). My mother had dementia due to mini-strokes, but they had no problem, getting two professionals to claim she had pre-Alzheimers. She lived for eight more years in a nursing facility, the last two in a Alzheimers lock down unit. She asked me to send my siblings invitations in her stead to a party, i.e., for them to be able to see what a ‘party’ she was having in the nursing home; I never did, but now wish I had done so. Not sure what to do at this juncture. Would be nice if there were a way to file a complaint with the Federal Government, especially since the taxpayers end up footing the bill, after the crooks made off with the assets. I had been under the impression it was solely a state issue.

  35. Gary Rockhopper Says:

    I don’t know why but your blog wont let me comment on any of the past posts

  36. Donna G Says:

    Oh my Gosh!

    How to steal an estate? This is worse than evil, and I know God has a special place reserved for these imps!

    I am recently the victim of inheritance fraud, and I am devastated! These caretakers had control of my grandfather for 3 months after his wife died, and his will was changed, signed by my grandfather, giving the caretakers 100% of his estate to do with as they saw fit! My grandfather had altzheimers and was on meds. Well, I have done some research, and I will NOT stop until I change the LAW that allows these filthy thieves to steal old, pityful, innocent peoples life earnings and savings. I am angry that the laws protect the inheritance stealers, and make it almost impossible for the rightful Heirs to obtain their inheritance. Most of the time, the lawyers are thieves, themselves. Oh, Dear Lord, I need to PRAY for a humble, peaceful heart right now!!!

    You will hear more from me!

  37. Latifa Ring Says:

    Regarding the kids being the suspects.

    (1 ) If an allegation of theft is being made why is it not being reported to the criminal justice system where the victims aka the ward does not pick of the tab for the investigation and prosecution. Is it not a breach of duty for the parties that are supposed to be protecting and preserving the assets to pursue discovery in a criminal matter in the civil court all at a cost to the ward? Is it because the allegations won’t hold any water and will not result in an indictment. Why are the wards being robbed of their estates because of an unproven allegation that someone stole from them in the first place?

    (2) If a kid steals lollipops from a candy store or if a kid just hangs around outside a candy store looking in the windows at the lollipops and someone thinks he is thinking about stealing lollipops, does this justify locking up the owner because he couldn’t stop the kid and then stealing the entire store from the owner? This is what we call justice in the upside down world of guardianship.

    See my testimony

    Here is a link to the hearing before the House Judiciary Sub-committee on Crime in DC.

    I testified on Fraud Against the Elderly and covered Guardianship Issues.
    It is a good start. My hair was a mess but I think the message was good.

    also please sign the petition at and pass it on.

    Thank You !

  38. Ferko Says:

    cool picsxxx

  39. Linda Wilkerson Says:

    I am in the middle of this now ,I caught it going on in 2006 the person went as far as to try to kill my father after her and her father had changed my power of atty. without me present or knowing anything about it that started in 2001 and the rest went like clockwork to your info .I went to Supreme court to get my father protected and they said that the persons that did this must return all and not have contact .then dad went to a VA home and his estate went to cash under the VAs care .When my daddy died the lady and her father submitted all the fraud papers and took the eastate .I have no money to fight this and Im freaking out that they are going to get the last 100 thousand in the will I have all copies of court and how they got him to sign pages with no words on them they have paid 2 morgeges off with my fathers money and took out a morgage on the home we paid off long ago with a VA loan .and that 80,000 is gone never hit dads account .they paid themselves 1000ns of my fathers money . If anyone knows a atty that will look over this and help our family grandchildern get the money from their grampa Bob for their education I know my father will not rest in peace as long as these people are getting away with such wrong My father was a Marine ,Police officer St.Louis county dep. He served his country and did with pride. My father didnt deserve this please if you can help?

  40. Dickey Says:

    My 93 year old mothers attorney is guilty of this. I am only child whose father died in 1995. My mother suffered a cardiac arrest in 2008 and never was the same afterwards. I took over her finances. my mother told me to see her attorney if anything happened to her. i did and he never gave me any POA paperwork. I took money out of her accounts via the ATM and documented every penny and later her atty accused me of theft even though I told him what i was paying.

    her attorney had me locked out of my moms house where i lived with my wife when not out of town working. he filed false protection oreders on me and moved predators in the house to block my wife and i from my mother and this attorney filed false charges with the police telling them i assaulted her and stole her money. he is an awful man, Phoenix Attorney Thomas E. Haney. Come to find out the caregiver he move in the house stole thousands from my mom and this attorney I suspect has also stolen thousands from my mom and that is his reason from blocking me from my mom.

    I am aggressively pursuing this attorney. Thomas E. Haney P.C. of Phoenix AZ has a history of lying to authorities, framing heirs of elderly clients, and overpowering the system with lies on the rightful heirs thus destroying their lives and draining their elderly parents estates. Each time the rightful heir of the elderly clients tries to pursue legal action against Haney, he files false charges against them.

    Thomas E. Haney, atty of Phoenix AZ is an awful man and a crook who hopefully will be behind bars soon.

  41. Pat Says:

    In these days of lawlessness and disorder, it apparently happens all the time – and muchly in this manner – questioning why the scheme should not be treated as RICO cases are, given the elements and intentional nature of the crime.

    After all, lawyers and trustees are in perfect positions to accomplish this and get away with it – usually without tax implications. If they are really clever, they can even get the beneficiaries to pay their taxes for them.

    Charitables and nonprofits are all too willing to cooperate in kickbacks and sharing arrangements, and provide convenient cover when used, or can even be eliminated since they are aware of donative gifts only if they are notified by Executor/Trustee or Attorneys involved.

    Attorneys didn’t focus upon property law these last 200 years for nothing, after all; thievery amounts to their specialty, albeit with broad immunities, courtesy of those in their own profession and their willingness to pass laws providing that insulated immunity.

    Captive clients are, next to dead ones, always the best clients, and if it can be justified that they aren’t even clients because of being client objects for protection, they can easily be made prey.

  42. Danna Mongoven Says:

    It’s been seven years since my father’s death and the wounds have still not healed. My advice to many of you folks who are dealing with these estate nightmares is try, try, try not to get too dramatic. My brothers and I have been in creative fields like acting, film-making and music and our emotions got the better of us at times. My father was very witty and comical and he often made fun of his life himself and we thought it was funny when it started until his Parkinson’s got worse and he divorced his third wife (also had Parkinson’s – but that’s another story!) Girlfriends and ex-wives were coming out of the woodwork to help him with his illness, confusion about his accountant, altered business contracts, etc. – a lot like a movie – set in Palm Springs, of all places…When it came to getting help and going to lawyers, APS and my father’s future executor our drama and “issues” almost got us in trouble. Try to take notes, keep calm if possible and move forward like a quite, smart army. My dad’s vulnerabilities as a man and his wealth and trust in the wrong people kept all the bad people in charge (relatives included). As the only woman and daughter in the mess, I was essentially treated like a rape victim and labeled greedy and crazy but I never stopped barging into the situation despite the abuse from even my own extended family. I believe I saved my dad’s estate and possible further abuse and neglect of his person. I was too distraught to show up when he died as the ex-girlfriend (my age – and YES, that’s one of MY issues) was at his side as well as all the relatives who felt sorry for her because she’d been abused as a child (allegedly) and didn’t recognize her expertise at manipulation. There are dysfunctional issues in every family, but don’t let people use these issues to keep you away. We need mediators for these lost sick people. No one was there to hear all sides of the story. I can’t relate to having my own siblings pull this stuff, but I did do almost everyone MYSELF – being the only girl. These messes do NOT turn out like movies – hang in there!!!!! Don’t go away from your sick parent.

  43. Danna Mongoven Says:

    Forgot to mention my father was paying $29,000 a month at the end of his life to his old girlfriend (who kept raising her “fee”) and the odd staff she hired. He got lousy and abusive care in his own condo. The tough part is he kept siding with her out of fear. The Public Guardian finally helped me, but only after lots of damage was done. Good luck to all who have to face this sadness and separation from the ones we love because as my father said himself, “no one wants to take care of a sick old guy like me.”

  44. peter radonicich Says:

    Dear Friends,
    …it is important to remember, that anyone who takes assets, before probate [total disclosure] becomes a Trustee without authority, and if they break the “Trust Laws” they become liable as “constructive trustees”
    You need to verify “ALL DOCUMENTS” for authenticity. After Probate, if the legally appointed trustee breaks any trust laws…he is in ‘Breach of Trust”. The one who broke the law, has to pay for all damages to restore the Estate trust…and is liable criminally.

    Most of the stories i’ve read here are estate frauds and if i can help you, i will.

    Kind regards, Pete 🙂

  45. Danna Mongoven Says:

    Is there any way I can delete everything I wrote on this site?

  46. wowjustwow Says:

    This is down right sociopathic. Too dark for my blood!

  47. Linda Says:

    I swear my brother-in-law must of found this sight. He coherced the step Dad to leave all his estate to him, making my husband out to be an enemy of sorts, eventhough he and my husband had a great relationship. Then the brother-in-law took all the mother’s estate, eventhough both brothers were co-executors and the estate was to be divided up 50/50. We have just lost a very expensive lawsuit trying to correct what the evil brother-in-law did. The judge did not even take into account all our evidence of undue influence, even the mother’s diary. The brother-in-law is an abusive sociopath, who even abused my 72 year old husband. Our attorney literally took us for a ride…telling us all along that we had a good case and would win everything. We have been screwed from all sides. My husband is an emotional wreck…shocked that his brother could do such a thing to him and he is left doubting whether his mother or step dad even loved him. We are financially devastated and still are waiting to see if we will be liable for the bother-in-law’s attorney and court fees. We thought we were doing the right thing. The brother-in-law had isolated mom and dad and made them totally dependent on him. He took over their finances. He constantly threatened them and told them the phones were tapped and that all conversations they had with the outside world were being taped. He lied to them about everything. When the father-in-law needed to go in a nursing home, he told the staff there that my husband and I were out to steal the dad’s estate, and had the staff call him whenever we visited, and had the staff closely watching as, as if we were the criminals. Then in the end, he totally banned all visits from us. This was so cruel and heartless. I truly believe that the brother-in-law then simply put a pillow over dad’s face a killed him. Mom was so horribly stressed by the way the brother-in-law treated her, that she died an early death due to a weakened heart, and stress was a factor on her death certificate. We never knew how dad died…never saw a death certificate and he was creamated. The justice system absolutely failed us. Mom and Dad’s attorney never questioned the suspious changes to their wills, he never counseled them as to if they were unduly being influenced to change their wills. I believe there should be laws forcing attorneys and banks to question elders about suspious changes to elder’s estates. You shouldn’t be able to download a power of attorney on line. The law offers no protection!!!

  48. seminar Says:

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